This article describes the conflict between Yoshi and Zachary.


Being residents of Room 11, the two are always at each other's necks, mostly because Zachary is accusing Yoshi of being white, when Yoshi is clearly Asian. Yoshi always gets mad at Zachary when they are in their room because of Zachary's racist whining.

While Yoshi kept the rivalry mostly in the contest, such as hunting down Zachary in Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball, Zachary has gone the extra step in taking it personally. One night, Zachary cut off Yoshi's topknot, as well as most of his hair, and put glue in the rest. Yoshi has taken to wearing a large handkerchief over his head until his hair grows back.

The feud has continued on, and Zachary has even asked Daisy if she is serious about seeing Yoshi. As Zachary continues to infuriate others (i.e. Anita, Heather, DJ), Yoshi has been making friends and enjoying himself for the most part. Zachary is also in a secret alliance with Valerie, and is trying to have Yoshi eliminated or at least those that will support him.


  • This is the most race-based conflict in TDC/B history, but not the first time something like it has happened (Leshawna and Heather).
  • Coincedentally, both are between an Asian and an African-Canadian
  • Despite their pride in their race, both are seeing girls of a different skin color (Zachary with Valerie, Yoshi with Daisy).


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