Wawanakwa Strikers
Season 1.5, Episode 12
First Published December 15 2008
Challenge(s) Mario Strikers game.
Winner(s) The Green Team
Eliminated Tyler.
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"Kart Karnage"
"Dare Ya Again"

The construction of a large stadium has got the contestants in a rather violent soccer game, in which they have to wear special equipment for kicking around a metal ball around an electrified border. But with quite a few contestants not good or even able to play, how will this game progress?



Izzy: Tyler

Gwen: Tyler

Noah: Tyler

Ezekiel: Izzy

Tyler: Izzy

Cody: Noah


Tyler: 3

Izzy: 2

Noah: 1


Confessional Catch PhrasesEdit

1. Madam, I'm Adam

2. Step on, no pets!

3. Rise to vote sir

4. Was it a car or a cat I saw?

5. Okay were sick of palindromes already

6. Zeke, Zeke looking like the Greeks, see?

7. Tyler, Tyler kicking towards the sky bar!

8. Izzy, Izzy getting rather frizzy!

9. Noah, Noah would look bad in a feather boa

10. Eva, Eva nothing up her slevve'a!

11. Up up and away!

12. Full of dunderheads

13. Dunderheads are go!

14. ...Wha?

15. \Answer unclear, ask again later.\

16. Final words from the dunderheads


  • As you may have guessed, this episode is an homage to Super Mario Strikers (as TKN says, "lovingly ripped off").
  • Tyler's elimination in this episode was slightly ironic, as he loved sports (and the irony was not lost on Tyler or the others).
  • Harold overcomes his crippling allergy reaction in this challenge.
  • This challenge marks the second time Heather goes loopy due to a blow to the head; it also causes a lot of problems for her team.



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