Sound the alarm! Kobold is still alive and considering restarting the TDBG Hype Train!

According to his post on Deviant Art on the 12th, he wants to start updating the massive story again. His motive for creating Total Drama Comeback was that there were not many TDI fanfics back then worth reading, which led to TDBG.

A user on DeviantArt by the name of BaconBaka reminds us that TDC and TDBG were the start of many things: TDC was the inspiration to Total Drama Chris, which went into Total Drama Alphabet, which started Cragmite's Letterama series, which started the entire train of giant fanfics with over 300,000 words.

Will Kobold update Total Drama Battlegrounds? Will Kobold return to Fanfiction? Find out next time on Total Drama Kobold! (grins Chris style)

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