Greetings, Programs!

First off, Total Drama Academy: Year One has been updated. Check out the story here:
Total Drama Academy: Year One - Break Week 1, Part 2

Did not get a whole lot of feedback on my wanting suggestions for the Wiki background. But I did like -Arias-'s suggestion of using the picture of the veterans. I've got an idea in my head to make it unique that I want to run by with you guys: A black and white photo or color?

I will be taking a mini-vacation this weekend. But fear not. I'll still be building up edit points. I don't plan on disappearing any time soon. As for the purpose of my mini-vacation, I will be seeing What About Dick? The new stage show from Monty Python alumni Eric Idle. This gets mentioned because Kobold Necromancer and I (and perhaps others to) worship the ground the Monty Python troupe walk upon.

Look for me to draw up some TDB-related artwork, though chances are good it'll be the kids in the Richmore Academy school uniform. I had fun doing Gil, Cid-Vicious' character, so I plan on having the rookies forced to wear them.
Click here to see Gil in the uniform

Until then...

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