Greetings, Programs!

We need some ideas on how to improve the Wiki.

As you can tell, I changed up the Wordmark above, but I want to know whether you guys are fine with this or we should change it to something else.

Further more, I believe we need some ideas on the Favicon (the little icon on your browser next to the URL address) and the background. Most especially the background because it would look so much better with some sort of image, but I want to hear what you folks think should be the background. Think about how the Total Drama Wiki uses the forest as their background and see if we can't come up with some ideas about what would work for this one.

Suggest ideas though this blog or my talk page.

Until then...

UPDATE The Zeke toque Favicon is up and running. If you do not see it immediately, you might wanna consider clearing your browser's cache and history in full.

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