Hello, I'm here to talk to all of you (who actually visit this wiki anymore) what might happen to it if no one but me, -Arias-, Per Ankh, BadAsp, Lord Akiyama, the Kobold Necromancer himself, and some random contributors edit this wiki. The TDC wiki will eventually fall so far behind the episodes that there would be no interest in it. Then it might actually be forgotten or lost, and possible TDC and TDBG fans, who happen upon this wiki, will completely lose interest in it and the story, not expecting anything much from the story itself if the wiki is in terrible shape, thinking, "Oh, look at how few people actually really fan this story. I guess it's really horrible and doesn't deserve hardcore fans. I better not read it." That way the story will lose a lot of possible fans who happen upon the wiki before the story. It is a very serious problem. However, since most of you fans think the wiki isn't worth your time, you will probably never read this blog post since you never visit this wiki. I am not saying your lives aren't important, but most people should learn to plan their time a bit better. Even if it's just, like, one hour, just like me, but it eventually helps this wiki a lot. I know I'm not an important person here, and that I'm not even worthy of mentioning the legends stated before, but this is a very serious and important issue. Also, to those random people who might be reading this, you should try helping this wiki on a regular basis, too.

Thanks for reading this through. It means a lot. But what would mean even more would be if you, the person who's reading this, would edit an article right after reading my useless finishing remarks. DarknessOfSoul out, peace!

PS: Yes, that was a Phineas and Ferb reference =)

PPS: I'm terribly sorry if this is in contrast to your own beliefs of this wiki, or if this blog post offended you, and I definetly do not want to offend the Kobold Necromancer as he is the reason this wiki exists in the first place.

PPPS: Am I wrong, or has the activity level seriously risen since I wrote this? Please correct me if I'm wrong, seriously, please do. I need real help with understanding this wiki business.

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