aka A memetastic ally of Memeberry.

  • I live in The Underground
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is Fighting Peredry.
  • I am A memeberry

Hi, my name is The Dimensional User. You can call me Kyle if you want a shorter name.

Favorites Edit

Favorite Color - Orange

Favorite Total Drama Song - Versus

Favorite Fanon Pairing - NoCourt

Favorite Blank Space -

Favorite Character OF ALL TIME - Courtney! Because logic!

Favorite Writer - Kobold, DUH

Favorite Ridonculous Race Teams - The Cadets, The Sisters, and the Reality TV Pros (obviously)

Favorite TDI/TDC Characters - Courtney, Noah, Izzy, and Ezekiel

Favorite TDB Characters - Hannah, Joel, Valerie, Zachary, Xander, and Crystal.

Rankings on Favorites list - 1st Courtney, 2nd Noah, 3rd Valerie, 4th Xander, 5th Zachary, 6th Izzy, 7th Ezekiel, 8th Crystal, 9th Joel, 10th Hannah, 10 billionth Colin.

Favorite Quote - (Noah, Wayward Wit and Warmth) *to Crimson while he lays on a stretcher* "I can't die. Heaven won't accept me and Hell is afraid I'll take over."

Favorite Possible Couple - Clivinda (Clive + Belinda)

Who I want to be in Total Drama Battlegrounds Top Ten? Valerie, Belinda, Clive, Noah, Courtney, Crystal, Colin (explained later), Heather, Izzy, and Rodney.

I want Colin to be in the final ten because I want to see how much insult will be added to injury when he is eliminated at the final ten mark. Although I now find it kind of strange that five of my top ten candidates for final ten are all candidates for the Mystery Villain... but that's just me!

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