Total Drama Rookies is a team on Total Drama Battlegrounds. It consists of the 22 rookie campers. The team also went by the name of "the New School Team."


Hannah, Alfred, Carol, Rodney, Daisy, Belinda, Mandy, Howard, Sebastian, Sandra, Jasmine, Yoshi, Zachary, Colin, Anita, Xander, Sakaki, Arthur, Valerie, Crystal, Clive, and Joel.


Total Drama Rookies was mainly featured as a team in Rookies vs. Veterans.


Total Drama Rookies

Alfred | Anita | Arthur | Belinda | Carol | Clive | Colin | Crystal | Daisy | Hannah | Howard | Jasmine | Joel | Mandy | Rodney | Sakaki | Sandra | Sebastian | Valerie | Xander | Yoshi | Zachary

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