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September 4, 2008
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Total Drama Comeback is a story written by The Kobold Necromancer as a sequel for Total Drama Island, which soon grew to become one of the most famous Total Drama Fanfics in the world.

Total Drama Comeback came in to place after Ezekiel convinced Owen to hold on to his prize money, reminding him of the Brunch of Disgustingness challenge. He stated that there were was a 1/22 chance of him actually winning. This prevented TDA and TDWT, as a result.

The producers and Chris didn't know if it was a special or a full season at first, and thus turned it into a season when it was so popular that it earned them a lot of money. This money led to the construction of Maclean Stadium.


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  • Orignally, the winner of this season was granted a special spot on Total Drama Action. But Kobold changed his mind, a new ending to Total Drama Island was given, thus changing the storyline.
  • Since this story has been published, many season two type stories have sprung up. Most notably, Total Drama Island: Back to Wawanakwa by gamestomper and Total Drama Chris by Frank15.
  • Kobold originally started writing TDC, due to a desire to get back into writing after a huge slump and also because the fanfiction for TDI was very limited. He also stated that he wanted to write something nice on the characters that were getting the short end of the stick (i.e., Ezekiel, Tyler, Noah). He never expected it to become this popular.
  • The final contestants were changed multiple times, according to Kobold, as time went on. He had eliminations and plot lines planned up to the final ten, when it became a free-for-all. There, he went along with how fans and friends were liking the story, influence, and also just what seemed to work.
  • In response to people saying that he plays favorites, TKN points out that he tries to give everyone a fair shot of attention, and while his favorites do get more time, it's pointless to write a very long fanfiction that would focus on the characters you don't like as much.
  • The choice of Comeback in the title was specifically for the characters who didn't get enough time (most of those voted off first from Ezekiel to Tyler), and would prove that they were better and worth more than were given credit for.




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