This Is Wawanakwa! is a sung sung in Guitar Saviors by Harold and Izzy. It is a parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.


Ezekiel, brown bear, Chef Hatchet, and Heather

Moving breakfast, Gwen & Trent dating, and redhead Izzy

Screaming Gophers, DJ runs, Beth's bad curse, Tyler's all thumbs.

Then there's Katie, next to Sadie, and bear-wrestling Cody.

Awake-a-Thon, Dodge Balls, Noah's book, sauce on walls

Cooking, Geoff and Bridgette, Lindsay's going to throw a fit.

Duncan's chain saw, raccoons, Dock of Shame good-byes!

Owen's stomach, Justin's eyes, "pitch a tent like a guy"!

This is Wawanakwa!

Trouble's always brewing

Chef's got bile stewing

This is Wawanakwa!

With twenty-two in plight

From morning, noon, to night!

Chris Maclean, Leshawna, Sasquatchinakwa

Eva's rage, Harold's skills, one hundred thousand dollah's

Waterfalls, gold key, sumo wrestlers, goatee

Boat of Losers, Courtney CIT

Interns, paint stain, ten seconds of extreme pain

Cockroach shots, beaver dam, RCMP, stall cam

Oil slick, talent show, skunk spray, slow-mo

Dino jaws, big bear paws, killer with the chain saw

This is Wawanakwa!

You think you seen madness?

Look at Chef in that dress!

This is Wawanakwa!

Where a load of land mines

is better than dinner time!

Marshmallows, paintball guns, thousand foot jump, sticky buns

Chipmunk, cute Bunny, "Oh how hard could it be?"

Surf boards, 'lectric sparks, man-eating sharks!

Hide 'n seek, hose gun spray, censored in USA!

Fake bear suit, Gwen's bra, Killer Bass, loser's spa

Bicycles, boobies, watching horror movies!

Rope burn, Cody's strut, Owen's shaking his big butt

Izzy laughing like a nut, and Mr. Cocoanut!

This is Wawanakwa!

Watch the next episode

to see who hits the road

This is Wawanakwa!

Where cheating is legal

And sharks eat eagles!

Eva's rage, contest, Justin's gorgeous chest

Chickens, fake tan, trip to Boney Island.

Courtney mad at Duncan's theft, Sadie's sad 'cuz Katie left

Hot sauce, bad Chef, Bridgette won't get off Geoff

First base, second base, Lindsay got a beat-up face.

Zeke's first, Beth is cursed, isn't Heather just the worst?

This is Wawanakwa!

The island's greenness

thick as Chris's meanness!

This is Wawanakwa!

Wasn't it cute when

Trent was flirting with Gwen?

Hoop earrings, bad bee stings, sports aren't Noah's kind of thing

Washrooms, bad cook, blindfolds, killer's hook

heebie-jeebies for DJ, better begin to pray.

Harold's ninja numchucks, "Um okay, so far this sucks."

Tyler's throwing, better hide! Leshawna won the log ride!

Real bad hair, censored swears, bugs, birds, underwear!

Sent to Playa da Losers, special ride on cabin cruisers.

The game ends and Owen won, wasn't that just so awesome?

This is Wawanakwa!

With our stomach's churning

At the thought of returning!

This is Wawanakwa!

Never get any sleep at night,

and woke up by plane flight! (Ay-yi-ay-yi-ay-yi-iiiii...)

This is Wawanakwa!

We might have jumped the gun

when we thought this'd be fun!

This is Wawanakwa, yeah!