The Hunt for Feral Ezekiel
Season 2, Episode 15
Challenge(s) Capture the now-feral Ezekiel in twelve hours.
Reward(s) Unknown
Winner(s) Unknown
Eliminated Unknown
Episode Guide
"RV Race"

The remaining contestants are supposed to compete in a VR challenge. When the VR machine breaks, the follow up challenge of hunting Reselum-infected animals is very hated by one nature-loving contestant, and she accidentally infects a friend with the Reselum. Now, with the power out and the horror theme in, the contestants must find the Reselum-infected contestant in twelve hours before the effects become permanent.

Plot Edit

Act 1 - The Most Feral of Beasts Edit

The episode starts with the contestants hateful at the prideful Colin after the events of the previous episode's elimination ceremony, as the contestants struggle to contain Eva and Anita's rage.

Confessional Catchphrases Edit

  1. Green isn't our color.
  2. No medical ward in here, but maybe a nurse costume...
  3. We want a hug too! Have you hugged a closet today?
  4. Do people take us seriously?
  5. Why do we always try to comment on what was just said?
  6. Closet in Training, passed that years ago.
  7. Alone when no one is confessing.
  8. Never caught the plague! See, we keep referring to the last line, it's a bad habit.
  9. Hunting donkeys, maybe? Get it? Because he's a [CENSORED].
  10. Have we mentioned we're afraid of needles?
  11. The more you know!
  12. The Hunt for Green Ezekiel!
  13. Hair always looks fabulous!
  14. Or Closet Confessional, one of the two.
  15. Men (and women) vs Not-Quite Nature!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time in TDC canon that Feral Ezekiel has EVER been seen in the story.
  • This episode, just from its first chapter, can be considered this season's "horror theme" episode, similar to "Hook, Line, and Screamer" from Island, and Saw It Coming in Comeback.
  • This episode is similar to The Secret Ingredient from Comeback, as they both start with someone recalling a flashback of something in the past.
    • The examples are when Tyler is climbing the stadium ladder with the antidote for Reselum in a syringe, and when LeShawna is asking Harold in the medical tent at Wawanakwa. These events are both in the present, and the later events of the chapter happen in the past.
  • The original two challenges are both references to Total Drama canon seasons.
    • The Werewolf VR, the originally planned challenge, is a reference to the Ridonculous Race episode 7 "A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow A Gasket!", and the sleeping-dust challenge is a reference to the Feral Ezekiel challenge in Africa during Total Drama W- er, the season that must not be named.
      • Interestingly enough, the Ridonculous Race reference is actually a fear of a team.
  • Kobold stated that he included Feral Ezekiel as a way of doing wrong right.

Quotes Edit

  • Ezekiel - "You gonna be ready for the challenge today?"
    • Lindsay - "Sure am, Xylophone!"

Gallery Edit

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God help us all.

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