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Super VR
Season 2, Episode 13
First Published 6/17/2011
Challenge(s) Collect the GPA.
Reward(s) Dinner at Eat at Maclean's.
Winner(s) The Heroes.
Eliminated Carol.
Episode Guide
"Blimp Race"
"RV Race"

The contestants are divided, by Chris' choice, into two groups: heroes and villains. Thus, for the first time in a VR challenge, they will be going head to head as super-powered beings, hunting down a rare artifact that will make one side control the fate of the world! Up, up and away, mighty heroes! Crush those meddling fools, sinister villains!


Act 1 - Maclean vs. Chef Hatchet 3: Fate of Two DerpsEdit

The episode begins with a peak into Room 1, where Anita is trying on a jacket to try and make herself look a little more decent.

Act 2 - Lots of Stuff Blows Up, It's FunEdit

Part 2 begins with virtual people getting virtual coffee, when suddenly, a series of massive explosions is heard.

Act 3 - Have You Ever Noticed the Chapter Title in the Story Does Not Match The Chapter Title in the Selection Bar Above? What's Up With That?Edit

The challenge ends with DJ using his ability to make people not want to fight him to sneak over to the GPA and collect it. It then grants (virtual) world peace by amplifying his powers to a global scale.


Izzy - Clive

Mandy - Carol

Carol - Mandy

Heather - Carol

Sadie - Mandy

Noah - Mandy

Yoshi - Carol

Clive - Carol

Deadpool - Squirrel Girl

Carol - 4

Mandy - 3

Clive - 1

All votes for Squirrel Girl were thrown out, as the voting parties (Deadpool, and just him), were discarded for not actually being contestants in this challenge, or even in this story.

Supers and their powersEdit


Participant Alias Powers
Chris (Leader) The Greatest Hero and Man Ever! Super strength, laser eyes, frost breath, flight.
Cody Techno-Wizard Mechanical suit with gadgets, magic abilities.
Anita Bombshell Babe Explosives, guns, cannons, and missiles.
Bridgette Dolphin Woman Aquatic powers, control of marine life, flight, part dolphin form.
Rodney Soldier Kid Weapons and skills of special forces, unlimited ammo.
Leshawna Lightning Lancer Electric powers, speed, summoned lances.
DJ The Pacifist Cannot attack, makes opponents not want to hurt him.
Alfred Zombie Survivalist Various weapons, shivs, guns, and explosives.
Valerie Pink Politician Energy projection, magic flight, lights.
Sebastian Dreadlock Kick Incredible martial arts, indestructible hair.
Sakaki Scaredy Cat Speed, agility, long extendable claws.
Tyler Super Sporto Athletic perfection, summoned sports equipment.
Lindsay The Head Cheerleader Agility, restoration, and strength.
Xander Darkcycle Summonable motorcycle, strength, guns and chains.
Crystal The Matchmaker Energy projection, magic flight, emotional control.
Harold Uber-Nerd All the nerdy powers and weapons one could ask for.
Belinda Starvoyant Psionic, magic flight.


Participant Alias Powers
Chef Hatchet (Leader) Chef Hatchet Giant cooking tools, evil food, and fire magic.
Mandy Cultist Chick Shadow and fire magic, summoning.
Colin The Hurter Magic of "pain" and numbness, weapons of pain, strength.
Noah Evil Overlord Wicked genius, many minions, psionic.
Izzy Explosivo All kinds of explosions, guns, and martial arts.
Heather Eviserator Shredding claws, fire breath, speed, cunning.
Ezekiel Dark Arrow Marksmanship, hunting skills, hunting gear.
Geoff Party Bash Noise, lights, distractions, explosions, disco ball bash.
Carol Bad Cop Strength, guns, SWAT and cop gear.
Yoshi The Soulless Blade Swordsman, magic, abilities of varying power.
Gwen Grim Reapette Shadow and death powers, giant scythe, magic flight.
Zachary Hot Metal Gangsta Summonable chains and guns, strength, fire powers.
Sadie The Lemur Speed, agility, powerful tail, and an annoying song.
Eva Ant Woman Incredible strength, speed, tunneling and bashing skills.
Clive Doom 'n Gloom Shadow powers, emotional depression aura.
Courtney The Human Cricket Agility, noise, martial arts, detection.
Arthur Raptor Long claws, regeneration, speed, feral savagery.


Izzy - Clive.

Mandy - Carol.

Carol - Mandy.

Heather - Carol.

Sadie - Mandy.

Noah - Mandy.

Yoshi - Carol.

Clive - Carol.

Deadpool - Squirrel Girl.

Carol - 4.

Mandy - 3.

Clive - 1.

All votes for Squirrel Girl were thrown out, as the voting parties (Deadpool, and just him), were discarded for not actually being contestants in this contest, or even in this story.


  • Chris - "The goal of this VR game is that there is a powerful relic known as the Gemstone of Power Amplification, and everyone wants it!"
    Noah - "The GPA."
    Chris - "Indeed. Everyone wants a good GPA."
  • Mandy - "Everyone still thinks I'm gay even though I'm obviously not!"
    Noah - "Welcome to my world."
  • Chris - "You're evil, Anita!"
    Anita - "Why?"
    Chris - "Because you've got dark hair, and everyone knows that the evil women have dark hair!"
    Anita - "That is so not true!"
    Chris - "Oh yeah? Name one dark-haired heroine!"
    Anita - "Wonder Woman!"
    Chris - "Wonder Woman... my Amazon goddess... the love of my life growing up! I changed my mind! Anita, Lindsay... you're both good! But you're evil, Eva."
    Eva - "What?! But I have dark hair too!"
    Chris - "Yeah, but you're not hot like Wonder Woman!"


  • Gwen's super villain alter-ego bears resemblance to Raven from Teen Titans,incluiding the cloak and dark magic.
  • During Part 1 of the episode, Chris breaks the fourth wall to advertise this wiki. This was because of the wiki's desperate need for editors.
  • This episode is possibly based on the Total Drama Action superhero episode. It even features Courtney's Super outfit, the Human Cricket.
  • LeShawna's superhero persona is based on Storm from X-Men. This is also referenced by a Lindsay name goof: Ororo, Storm's real name.
    • In fact, her line about a cook being struck by lightning is similar to Storm's line about a toad being struck by lightning from the X-Men movie.
  • This episode hints a possible relationship for Rodney.
Metallica - The Call Of Ktulu S&M

Metallica - The Call Of Ktulu S&M

"The Call of Ktulu" by Metallica
S&M Version

  • Inspired by a recommendation from Lord Akiyama, Kobold Necromancer suggests playing the S&M version of "The Call of Ktulu" by Metallica when Mandy summons Cthulhu Jr. in Part 2 of the episode.
  • Chris superhero persona is entirely ripped off, in both clothes and powers, from Superman, which is pointed out by other contestants. The main differences are the C in his chest insignia instead of the S, and that his weakness isn't kryptonite, but bad hair gel.
  • The following made cameos in this challenge at the end: Nikki from 6teen, Emma and Fin from Stoked, Snoopy and Charlie Brown from Peanuts, Laura Kinney (X-23) and Deadpool from Marvel, Chris Redfield from Capcom, and Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot from MST3K.
  • This VR marks a couple of firsts:
    • This is the first time in which both teams are placed in the same scenario.
    • This is also the first time in which the teams are pit against each other instead of some computer controlled monsters.
    • This is the first VR preceeded by the revelation of a good memory and a bad memory of some contestants.
  • Despite not being in the competition for this challenge, aliases and super powers were made for the previously eliminated contestants.
    • Heroes:
      • Beth - Galpal Girl. Primarily support; increases the moral, powers, and enthusiasm of those on her side. Has good speed and some martial arts in case of emergency.
      • Daisy - Garden Gal. Athletic super heroine with the ability to summon mega plants for help, uses a pair of katana made out of magic sharpened wood.
      • Hannah - Savior. Holy powers including blinding light, healing abilities, and martial arts. Only fights in self-defense and defending others.
      • Joel - Tinker. Mechanical genius with mecha-suit like Iron Man but not full bodied, includes rockets, lasers, and other gadgets including bottle opener.
      • Katie - Panda Pal. Agile and nimble girl with surprising strength and comprehension. She is the only person who would prevent The Lemur from doing anything bad.
      • Trent - Soulful Guitar. Music-playing hero that can play music to empower allies, weaken or distract enemies, and many other skills. Indestructible guitar used as weapon.
    • Villains:
      • Duncan - Punk Skull. Fire breath, morphs his body into knives, intimidation.
      • Howard - The Tiger. Incredible strength and speed, charismatic and very alluring to the ladies. Though a villain, would not harm a woman unless forced to.
      • Jasmine - Stage Presence. Not really all that powerful, but has the ability to distract and draw attention from even the most iron-nerved warriors.
      • Justin - Man Meat. So gorgeous he overwhelms everyone, incredible strength and charisma. Romantic music plays from nowhere when he removes his shirt.
      • Owen - The Stinker. Pretty much his body odor and other revolting powers amplified. Not an aggressive villain, so would not harm anyone unless provoked or engaged.
      • Sandra - Bubblegum Blast. Power of gum and stars, able to stick together anything and dazzle the opponents.



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