The Screaming Gophers is one of the two original teams from Total Drama Island.
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The Screaming Gophers logo and its members.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Even if the teams in this season were dissolved and rearranged before each challenge, Chris would sometimes split the contestants into their old groups. Such occasions were:

  1. Talent Night 2: Revenge of the Performers: Chris decided to split the campers into their old groups for the first challenge "for the sake of the old times". Four members of each team (chosen by Chris) had to compete in a talent show. The chosen contestants were Gwen, Noah, Lindsay and Cody. Despite Gwen and Lindsay earned a near perfect score with their talents (poetry and cheerleading, respectively), the Gophers lost in the last minute against Ezekiel. Owen would be eliminated afterwards.
  2. Screams of the Thirteen: At this point, the only Screaming Gophers who made it to this point were Heather, Beth, Noah, Cody, Izzy and Gwen. They had to compete against the Killer Bass in a series of dares submitted by the eliminated contestants. The Screaming Gophers rose victorious.
  3. The Lost Cabins: The Screaming Gophers were reduced to just Izzy and Cody. Due to the loss of the challenge's rules in an hurricane, they didn't know the arrangement of the teams. The Screaming Gophers lost the challenge, since Izzy removed all the cameras from the cabins, and the judges (Chris, Chef Hatchet and Joel) couldn't see their performance. Cody was eliminated.



  • Katie was originally on the Screaming Gophers but, she switched teams with Izzy.
Screaming Gophers

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