This article focuses on the interactions between Sadie and Zachary.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

At the beginning, Zachary was rude to everyone, but once he started to immerse himself into the game, he made a hidden alliance with Valerie, and thus began to move on Sadie.

Sadie had a crush on Zachary for a while, despite his bad attitude. He started to make a move on her, rather clumsily as he all but admitted he was just going to use her to her BFFF Katie. Zachary and Sadie have been talking to each other since his courting began, and while she is liking him more (mostly due to him putting on an act,) Zachary is getting more fed up with having to be with her.


  • The pairing name is Sadary.
  • The following have all tried to convince Sadie not to be interested in Zachary: Katie, Yoshi, Arthur.
  • While this is a relationship, due to Sadie's feelings, it is one-sided (as of now, if that changes at all).
  • Zachary continues to refer to Sadie as a "white girl," even though she is Asian.


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