Room 8 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Leshawna, Lindsay, Mandy, and Noah.


When the contestants arrived at the room during Rookies vs. Veterans, Leshawna stopped Lindsay from trying to use up an entire dresser for her clothes, stating that everyone needed to use it too. Lindsay whined, but reluctantly agreed. Then Mandy brought up her rats, startling the blonde and Leshawna. The loudmouth stated that Mandy could not keep the rats in the room, and the two started to argue. Noah merely walked into the room once, saw the discussion, and walked out, moving into the Janitor's Closet for the night.

Noah would constantly enter the room to see the three girls arguing or freaking, causing him to leave immediately. People thought it was suspicious since he was avoiding a room with three girls. He stayed in the Janitor's Closet for a while until Katie made him stay in the room, but when she was voted off, Noah furiously left the room to stay somewhere else; Justin stayed in the room for one night and realized Noah was right in how crazy the room could get.





  • Noah currently resides in Room 7.
  • Mandy keeps her pet rats in a cage, and later brought a snake, making this room one of the few to have pets.
  • The three girls are constantly arguing about things like make-up, underwear, and other random things (which leads Noah to leave).


  • Katie - "I don't wanna hear protests! You're going to sleep with these three, and that's final!"
    Noah - "Um, yeah, interesting way of putting it, Katie."
    Katie - "I want to hear tomorrow that you slept with all three of them, or I'm gonna be, like, so mad at you!"
    Noah - "Do I have to get a review from them each?"


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