Room 5 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, and Hannah.


The four roommates were okay with one another at first, being polite and friendly. Gwen was worried that Hannah might be an extremist, but Ezekiel bonded with her right away. Geoff was also in high spirits.

As the contest progressed, they all seemed to remain being fine with one another. Ezekiel has stayed away from the room several nights to be with Heather, though he still resides in the room. Then, Gwen lost Trent to elimination and became on edge, also with how suspicious Geoff was. When Hannah was voted off, Gwen felt guilty for the way she had treated her.

The room is now shared by Gwen and Ezekiel, as Geoff has retreated to Room 3 to avoid Gwen and Ezekiel due to them being Bridgette's close friends.





  • Gwen: Yeah, maybe I'm a little snappy, but I just don't like the idea of my new roommates. Geoff is okay, I guess, but Ezekiel is dating Heather! Heather! What is he thinking? And if that religious girl starts trying to convert me, I can see a lot of frustration in my future. Then again, it could be worse. I could be with Heather again. Or that bully guy.


  • Hannah and Ezekiel are the first contestants known to read the Holy Bible, and they bonded very well.
  • This was the fifth room to be introduced.


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