Room 3 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Cody, Colin, Courtney, and Crystal.


The residents of this room have been at terrible odds since the beginning, with Colin being as crass as he possibly could be. Cody, Crystal, and Courtney did not want to have to put up with him, especially since he seems untrustworthy when they're asleep.

Most of the time, Courtney and Crystal have either locked Colin out, or thrown him out forcefully. (What do you expect? It's Colin!) After the Blimp Race, Courtney decided to move to Room 7, whose last occupant had been eliminated, since Courtney refused to spend the night alone with Colin. She also brought Cody and Crystal's stuff there, realizing that they didn't have to share the room with the bully anymore. Colin stayed there, and allowed Geoff, who was paranoid from all the hiding and worrying he was doing, to stay with him.





  • Courtney: How dare that creep! That perverted, evil, disgusting, revolting... gah! I cannot possibly use every word I’m thinking of, I’m just so mad! I’m supposed to sleep in the same room as him?! And poor Crystal, I cannot imagine how violated she feels! Colin is like Duncan without any charm and even less sophistication! *She pauses, then sighs.* Yes, Duncan has charms. I’ll admit it. Don’t bother cutting that confession, Chris... though you never did cut any of the ones I demanded you cut anyway...
  • Colin: Hey, it's all fine. Girls like a bad guy, right? And even if those two chicks don't, well, it's fun to watch 'em squirm. That British chick has the funniest cry when you smack her behind, I gotta remember that.


  • All the contestants starting in this room had names that started with C.
  • Despite no eliminations yet, this room has had a lot of changes.
  • This is the only room that has had issues trying to forcefully keep roommates out.


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