Room 2 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Beth, Bridgette, Carol, and Clive.


The room is normally cheerful - save for Clive, being the most depressing member of the show. The three girls have tried to cheer him up in different ways, but little progress has been made. Clive doesn't really like being around Carol, as her enthusiasm leads her to do things like carry him or pouncing him.

When Beth was voted off in episode 11, the number of inhabitants in this room dropped to three. When Carol was voted off in episode 13, the number of inhabitants dropped to two.





  • Clive: There's no way I'm going to enjoy this contest. Chris just dropped us in a pool, and we're doing our confessions in the janitor's closet. And don't think I'm so "lucky" because I'm roomed with three girls; not only am I not going to last that long, but I wouldn't have a chance with any of them anyway.


  • Bridgette keeps one of her surfboards in the room.
  • Clive at first left everything of his out of the room because he thought he'd go home first, but the girls placed his stuff in the room as a sign of encouragement.
  • The two contestants that have been eliminated were one rookie and one veteran.


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