Playa Des Losers is the resort in which the eliminated contestants from Total Drama Island and Total Drama Comeback stay.


The resort was first shown in in TDC at the end of Snow Way Day, when Lindsay arrived after her elimination. She was greeted by Leshawna, who had been previously eliminated beforehand. Leshawna told her that they needed to talk about the people who had been voting them off.

In the first chapter of Prom Fight, the first eliminated six contestants are seen talking near the pool area about the people who had been voting them out. Lindsay is shocked to hear that Courtney was working with Heather, and Geoff explains why. Courtney wanted revenge for Harold, and teamed up with Heather to get it. Lindsay suggests doing something about it, which Justin comes up with an idea of sending messages in bottles to Wawanakwa Island. At the end of the episode, the six eliminated contestants are seen casting off their messages in bottles with hope that one of them reaches the island.

In Loser Worship, the Final Five contestants visit Playa Des Losers so that their voted off allies can help them gain a spot in the final four.


  • In Total Drama Island, Gwen and Owen did not have a chance to relax at Playa De Losers until the very end, which is similar to how Bridgette, Izzy, and Ezekiel didn't relax there until the end of Total Drama Comeback.
  • The episode Loser Worship takes place entirely at Playa De Losers where the losers help the winners build statues of themselves to gain a spot in the final four.
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