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This page is for the pairings, and shipping names involved in Total Drama Comeback and Total Drama Battlegrounds. Also being addressed are the known pairings that Kobold Necromancer has mentioned or written about, and of course, the crazy pairings that are hinted or teased over.

Official CouplesEdit

The following have officially hooked up as far as TDI and TDC are concerned, and also couples that TKN has assured will happen or have happened. This is to be updated as the show goes on. (Currently on Challenge 13.)


  • Of all the current official pairings, eight of them are interracial (Courtney and Duncan, Leshawna and Harold, Katie and Noah, Beth and Justin, Heather and Ezekiel, Yoshi and Daisy, Jasmine and Howard and Sebastian and Sakaki), while only the four remaining are formed by people of the same race (Gwen and Trent, Bridgette and Geoff, Tyler and Lindsay and Hannah and Joel).
    • Incidentally, all of the same-race couples are white.


Unofficial CouplesEdit

The following couples have not officially hooked up, and thus need more proof before they are listed as official; however, there has been enough interaction to prove that they can be a couple in the future.

Broke UpEdit

The following have broken up. They may or may not come back together, but are currently apart.

Ship SankEdit

The following couples have officially said they would not hook up, by the story and/or TKN.

  • Gwen and Duncan (DunGwen)
  • Gwen and Anyone Else (Assurance from TKN)
  • Trent and Anyone Else (Assurance from TKN)
  • Howard and Belinda (Belward)
  • Crystal and Xander (Xanstal)
  • Carol and Billy (Carilly)
  • Anita and Rodney (Rodita, and also a precocious crush)
  • Colin and Crystal (Crystolin)
  • Alfred and Izzy (Alfizzy)
  • Cody and Anita (Codita)

Yaoi/Yuri TeasesEdit

Romantic innuendo between characters of the same gender.



Couples that do not fit in any of the other categories.


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