This article describes the interactions between Noah and Rodney.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Noah and Rodney's (one sided) rivalry started during the first challenge, when the two were chosen to compete against each other in a quiz show-esque mini challenge, since they were the most intelligent members of their respective teams. Rodney beat Noah, hurting the egghead's ego. Despite Noah's bitter attitude towards the child prodigy, he still considered Noah his friend.

The feud reached its peak after the MMORPG challenge, when Katie was eliminated, and Noah blamed Rodney for it. However, after a talk with Belinda during the Giant Monster VR, he realized how much of a jerk was to Rodney (among other people) and properly apologized, thus apparently ending the feud.

As the contest goes on, the two seem neutral towards each other, friendly in Rodney's case. It's only a matter of time to see if something happens again.


  • They're both the youngest ones of a large group of siblings.
  • Both are prodigious.


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