Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball
Season 2, Episode 3
First Published July 20, 2009
Challenge(s) Paintball.
Winner(s) Nerds.
Eliminated Jasmine.
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"Car Race"
"Plane Race"

When Joel's Virtual Reality machine (named Vera) fails to work because Chris was fooling around with it, the game becomes a special paintball shoot-out. Also, the old rivalry of nerds versus popular kids is back! There is cheating, teamwork and lots of paint! In the end, one team wins. The other votes off a member who was being a real pain.


Act 1 - Laughing Octopus-IzzyEdit

The chapter started with a quick check of all of the contestants' rooms which showed us that Colin spent his night in a closet, Room 10 was definitely getting worse and Valerie was quite glad to be put in the room she was in. In the beginning of the challenge, Chris remembered his bet with Belinda and exclaimed the show's name in exaggeration. The host started off with discussing the matter of Chef's job. He wasn't pleased with the contestants not letting him cook for them, but later decided to let them do whatever they wanted. The contestants were looking forward to the VR challenge, but as it turned out, Chris had messed with Vera before so it wasn't capable of working properly. Chris then said that the challenge of the day would be paintball. He proceeded to explain the rules and demonstrated the special suit's function on Joel. He also divided the contestants into two teams from the previous season - the Freaks 'n Geeks (consisting of Alfred, Belinda, Beth, Carol, Clive, Cody, Colin, Eva, Ezekiel, Gwen, Hannah, Harold, Izzy, Joel, Katie, Mandy, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sakaki and Yoshi) and the Cool Kids' Club (consisting of Anita, Arthur, Bridgette, Crystal, Courtney, Daisy, DJ, Geoff, Heather, Howard, Jasmine, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Rodney, Sebastian, Trent, Tyler, Valerie, Xander and Zachary). He assigned Yoshi as the leader of the nerds and Rodney as the leader of the popular kids. The contestants put on their armor (with Mandy and Hannah getting into another compromising situation) and returned to the stadium, where Chris revealed that he had cheated by shooting Joel down to win a bet made with Chef.

Rodney divided his team into seven teams of two (Bridgette and Daisy, Geoff and Trent, Heather and Sebastian, Arthur and Valerie, DJ and Zachary, Crystal and Lindsay and Anita and Xander), two teams of three (Jasmine, Leshawna and Tyler and Courtney, Justin and himself) and left Howard to camp alone. The team didn't exactly love these arrangements, but did not argue due to most of them really liking Rodney.

Act 2 - Raging Raven-EvaEdit

Yoshi had a hard time psyching his team up, as many of them didn't have any killer instinct, but he found a way around it by pairing up people with killer instinct and those without, forming six teams of two (Beth and himself, Katie and Sadie, Ezekiel and Gwen, Alfred and Sakaki, Cody and Eva and Colin and Owen), two teams of three (Hannah, Izzy and Mandy and Belinda, Clive and Noah) and left Carol and Harold to snipe on their own.

After a quick Spongebob reference, Chris Mclean unleashed the teens (and Rodney) into the maze. Courtney, Justin and Rodney were walking through the maze (while the CIT was lecturing the little prodigy about etiquette) when they suddenly ran into Hannah, Izzy and Mandy, who had been having a very strange conversation. This resulted in Courtney being the first one out. Justin tried to work his magic on the girls, but failed when Mandy turned out to be impervious to his good looks. She shot Justin until he was out. Rodney instantly ran for it and managed to escape. Meanwhile, somewhere else, Carol was picking her nose (much to the disgust of the audience), when she happened to hear Jasmine blabbing to the unfortunate Tyler and Leshawna about her acting career. Carol quickly climbed the wall to get into a better position. She aimed at Jasmine, but hit Leshawna instead. Tyler spotted her and told the others to run, while desperately trying to get up the wall as well. He failed at that, but succeeded in getting Carol off of the wall. Unfortunately for him, Leshawna had been shot down so he was left with the endlessly talking actress on his own.

Daisy and Bridgette were walking along another corridor and talking about boys, somehow not noticing Colin and Owen who passed by behind them. Colin was getting really annoyed with Owen by that time, especially when the big guy farted on purpose just to find out if his farts stink. Neither of them saw Heather and Sebastian walking close by, who weren't talking that much as Heather didn't like the idea of opening up to the philosopher. Not so shockingly anymore, Cody and Eva went by undetected. Eva was trying to focus on the game and even slightly snapped at Cody for distracting her. Suddenly, they heard quick steps in the next corridor and the fitness buff pulled the geek back to hide, hugging him in the process. As it turned out, Rodney had been the one running in a panic. Eva and Cody decided to stay in the hugging position for a while, which Gwen and Ezekiel happened to see and they joked about it.

Elsewhere, Geoff and Trent were talking about being future brothers-in-law (well, at least Geoff was), when they were spotted by Alfred and Sakaki. Alfred was planning to ambush the two populars, while Sakaki was shivering behind him. All of a sudden, they could hear Joel through their helmets, who was fixing Vera. Alfred was both excited and confused, but went along with Joel's plan. He popped out from behind the wall he and Sakaki had been hiding behind, surprising Geoff and Trent, while he screamed in an anime-like way. He got Geoff, and almost managed to shoot Trent down, too, if it hadn't been for the party animal grabbing Alfred's ankle, which sent him falling. Joel reported that Geoff had been the fourth popular out, then sounded horrified when he stated that many of the nerds had been shot while Alfred and himself had been talking.

Earlier, Katie and Sadie were discussing about finding a possible boyfriend for Sadie, when Arthur and Valerie ambushed them from one side and Anita and Xander from the other. Sadie fell on Katie when their suits gave in. Beth and Yoshi were also being ambushed, for the third time, this time by Zachary and DJ. Zachary had been aiming for Beth's face, that swelled up. She also felt her armor getting heavy, meaning she was out. The racist seemed to take pleasure in both of these things, much to the anger of Yoshi, who started attacking him and DJ, screaming a Japanese battle cry.

Joel decided to find out how the populars were suddenly taking out so many of the nerds. Alfred listened to him stating this, then checked on Sakaki, who was terrified. Alfred was trying to convince her into enjoying the paintball war, until he was shot in the back by Jasmine. Sakaki quickly bolted off, so by the time Jasmine, Tyler and Trent reached the American gonzo lying on the ground, the moe had already vanished from sight. Elsewhere, Noah was planning to flank Daisy and Bridgette, who were just standing around. He snuck away, leaving Belinda and Clive instructions to shoot when they heard him shoot. Belinda felt as if they were walking into a trap. She also decided to try and cheer Clive up, only to be interrupted by the sound of paintballs being shot in the corridor where Daisy and Bridgette were standing. It was Noah, expertly shooting and dodging shots fired by the two girls. However, he got a serious shock when Lindsay and Crystal shot him from behind. The bookworm fell to the ground, hoping Belinda and Clive would take care of them. He was to be disappointed, as he saw his fellow freaks fall as well. They had been shot by Heather and Sebastian. Noah couldn't believe he was outsmarted by the populars. He was shocked to hear that Sandra had been helping the popular team to ambush the geeks.

Act 3 - Crying Wolf-CourtneyEdit

Carol was busy picking her nose again, when she heard footsteps on the other side of the wall. She quickly climbed the wall, only to be shot down by Anita, Arthur, Valerie and Xander. The enthusiast fell backwards off the wall. Colin also suffered from the populars' cheating. He had been walking along a corridor, ignoring Owen, until the big guy decided to share the colors of some of the girls' underwear, which intrigued the bully. However, they couldn't talk for long as they were found by Crystal, Lindsay, Heather and Sebastian. Colin got shot in the face and fell to the ground, just long enough for Owen to shove him to the enemy while running away in a panic. Meanwhile, Hannah, Izzy and Mandy had been ambushed as well - Jasmine, Trent and Tyler from one side, Bridgette and Daisy from a second and Rodney from a third (though he technically didn't even aim at anyone, suggesting that he was still fleeing). Mandy was out first, then Hannah was ousted and fell on the cultist. Izzy took this as a signal to escape as her enemies were distracted. She succeeded in getting away, while Mandy succeeded in scaring Rodney.

Joel was desperately trying to contact any of the nerds, that is until Sandra contacted him to gloat with the electronics up in the announcer's booth and how she had used it to make contacting the geeks impossible. She also mentioned that Chris had put her up to this, just to win his bet. Joel was appalled when he heard that Hannah had been shot down and vowed to get the connection back up and running. Ezekiel and Gwen didn't know how bad their situation was, however, and were aimlessly wandering around, until Ezekiel finally decided to start a conversation, which quickly turned into Gwen trying to explain the reason she couldn't act friendly towards the prairie boy. Izzy happened upon this conversation and slightly scared Ezekiel. She was then going to explain to Gwen that she shouldn't be mean to Ezekiel, when Owen ran past, yelling. He was obviously still trying to escape the people who had shot Colin, and was in such a rush that he knocked Ezekiel into a wall. Izzy was really mad at this, even thinking that Owen could be jealous of the prairie boy. She was rubbing his head. Gwen had to pull Ezekiel away from her and against the wall. She also heard Joel trying to contact her as well as Izzy. He learned that Ezekiel had been knocked out and reported Owen being shot down, too. He wanted to give the nerds the ability to talk to each other. Izzy didn't think he could do it fast enough, but she was proved wrong as they could all soon communicate. Joel revealed to all of them that the populars were possibly concocting an attack plan. He informed his former team about being heavily outnumbered, due to Sandra's cheating. Most of the team didn't have any hope of actually winning, until Yoshi decided to give a short pep talk that got the nerds' spirits up. Duncan surprised everyone by showing up to help. Yoshi put him in charge of psyching Sakaki up. The leader also wanted to hunt Zachary down, asking for directions to the racist. Gwen was anxious to start shooting again, as well, but she decided to stay with Izzy, who wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen to her Zeke.

Xander and Anita were getting fed up with Sandra's "help", especially when she offended Anita in a very rude way. Xander then decided to turn his helmet's volume down, as well as Anita's. He accidentally brushed her cheek, at which Anita blushed. Eva and Cody happened upon this and Eva got mad. She stormed at the pair of populars, taking them both down. She proceeded to accuse Anita of fooling around with the rebel before heading off to shoot more pops. Meanwhile, Yoshi was still chasing Zachary and DJ. The populars passed by Arthur and Valerie, DJ screaming at them to start running, too. They didn't, however, understand what was going on in time, as Yoshi ran past, shooting Valerie down and knocking Arthur against the wall, all the while singing lyrics from the song Indestructible. He also shot Heather and Sebastian, who had been trying to ignore Sandra and didn't get the memo of Yoshi coming their way. They had to lie on the ground, with Heather feeling humiliated and Sebastian worrying about his hair. He then started asking, why Heather couldn't stand Sandra. The former queen bee said she used to be just like the popular girl, but didn't want to change back to being evil because of her boyfriend, Ezekiel.

Joel was telling Harold to stay still for a while, just until Crystal and Lindsay, who were on the other side of the wall, were facing him with their backs. He waited for the "all clear" from Joel, then climbed onto the wall and started shooting. It took a couple of shots before the geek noticed what he was shooting - Linday's chest. He did manage to get her out, but not Crystal. He then slid off the wall with a red face and laid motionless. Elsewhere, Duncan was having a hard time trying to get Sakaki to move from the spot she was lying at by reporting two populars (Daisy and Bridgette) coming her way. Eventually, he said that the moe was like one of those manga girls and even yelled to try and psyche her up, which got Sakaki shooting, although it was just out of fear and panic. She did get Bridgette out, then ran for it. Daisy was rather disappointed about not being able to do anything to protect her favorite character, and promised to avenge her by ousting the now escaping Japanese girl. The leader of the pops, Rodney, was also having a bit of trouble. He was pretty certainly lost as he entered an unknown corridor while continuously worrying about his team and wondering if he was a bad leader. Sandra tried calming him down through his helmet, to no avail.

Jasmine was endlessly blabbing about her acting career, to the displeasure of her companions, Trent and Tyler. But suddenly, when she went around a corner, she noticed Eva and Cody firing at her. Jasmine panicked, running back to the corridor just after Trent, who rounded the corner a bit later than her, had been ousted. She threw Tyler to the geeks. He tripped over Trent and fell to the ground. Soon after, Daisy followed him, as she had run to the spot when Sandra had ushered her there and Jasmine had pushed her out, too. She and Tyler took out Cody, which sent Eva into a fury, taking down both of the populars. She then tried to get Jasmine as well, but the actress escaped. Eva wanted to go after her, but not before checking on Cody first. After making sure he was okay, she rushed after the escaping Jasmine. Meanwhile, the actress had already put quite a distance between herself and the fitness buff when she heard Sandra through her headset, instructing her to go and shoot Harold in the crotch. The nerd had been lying in the same spot he had slid in after his encounter with Lindsay. Jasmine was getting ready to shoot him in the crotch, when Howard appeared, convincing her not to do it. He explained he had indeed been camping as was his plan in the beginning, but as he had not noticed anyone at all passing by, he decided to go hunting. Sandra was against it, and tried telling this to Howard through Jasmine's headgear, as Howard had turned his sound off, but the ladies' man wouldn't listen. He and Jasmine were walking and talking on the subject of getting Howard together with Belinda. The actress was about to give some advice on the topic when they spotted Sakaki running around a corner. They took her down, then continued their hunt. It didn't take long for them to get spotted. Gwen and Izzy had been warned ahead of time, and were shooting at them. Gwen wasn't too pleased to see Howard. She was quickly ousted, which sent Izzy into a firing frenzy. She took Howard out, then pounced on the escaping Jasmine. Izzy fired her gun until it was empty and went away to check on Gwen. The goth assured her that she was going to be okay and so was Ezekiel, who they'd been watching over up to that point.

Joel was concerned with his team being outnumbered. Duncan tried convincing him that the end result would probably be in their favor, but Joel still was a bit worried, being that Sandra was still in the announcer's booth. He did have a slight reason to worry, as Arthur had spotted Eva, and she hadn't spotted him back. Izzy was taking good care of herself as she was shooting against Crystal, who turned out to be a good shot. Izzy tried speaking in a British accent, then possibly changed it to a Scottish accent, later mimicking Ezekiel's speech. Yoshi was probably the best nerd off at that point, as he had already taken DJ down and was still chasing Zachary, singing the same song as before. Rodney was probably the most confused contestant at that point, however, as he had found a way to the announcer's booth where Sandra was sitting. They were both extremely shocked, but Chris was rather amused.

Act 4 - Screaming Mantis-HeatherEdit

Yoshi had almost caught Zachary, when the racist suddenly hit him in the face, making him bleed. As Yoshi could not see properly, he had to shoot blindly, still fending Zachary off, but not hitting him. He then continued chasing his enemy. Meanwhile, Rodney was still very confused as he couldn't figure out why Sandra was in the announcer's booth. Sandra explained that she had been leading what she had considered "her team". She turned back to the screen and instructed the populars further, though mostly insulting them along with the nerds.

Eva was alerted by Joel and Duncan that Arthur was near her and opened fire before he could do anything. Arthur didn't take this lying down, firing back. He didn't succeed, however, as he was ousted a while later. Eva asked Joel for another target. He recommended Crystal as Eva was on her side of the romantic's battle with Izzy. Moments later, he was shocked at how Izzy seemed to be out already, and warned Eva to start moving. That is, until Sandra took over every headset worn by people still in the game, making Eva angry. The popular announced her team would win, as she was the only one cheating at that point. Despite that setback, the nerds were still in the lead, as Yoshi had finally taken down Zachary, and couldn't have been happier about it. But the joy of triumph didn't last long, as Zachary reminded the warrior that Chris was still completely biased and wouldn't let the nerds win if there was still even a single popular left. The one he had in mind was Rodney, who was in the announcer's booth with Sandra. Yoshi realized this in fury, and went hunting for the two leaders of the popular team, taking down Crystal around another corner. The romantic wanted to talk to Yoshi about his love life, but he decided to keep moving.

Rodney wasn't in the best of moods, being that he had just found out Sandra was cheating. He didn't approve of this, as he had a lot of friends on the other team. Sandra couldn't care less about this, however, and explained the whole plan to the little prodigy, making him angry. Sandra was trying to make sense of the computer screen and didn't notice Rodney ready to attack, until he did fire a paintball, infuriating the spoiled brat. She then tried stopping him from leaving, standing in front of the only door that lead away from the booth. That did not work well, as Yoshi came storming up the stairs. He was really furious, quickly shooting Sandra down, even though she wasn't wearing a suit. The cheater fell on the floor, swelling up. Yoshi then set his sights on Rodney, determined to take him out. Rodney sensed it, and fled through another door to the roof. The two leaders were now on the roof, with Yoshi ready to take Rodney out and Rodney cowering from Yoshi behind a giant Chris statue. Yoshi couldn't shoot Rodney well, and started discussing the amount of cheating during the challenge with him, shooting the statue's foot Rodney was standing behind. Eventually, the prodigy turned around and kicked the statue's heel. Surprisingly, this was enough for the statue to collapse and let its globe start rolling around on the roof. Rodney proposed stopping it, as it was probably expensive, and he didn't really want to break the globe, because he thought he had already done a lot wrong. They were trying to stop it, but instead got stuck running on it. The globe rolled toward the opening in the roof, plummeting through.

Eva was still searching for populars when she noticed the giant globe falling towards her. She jumped out of the way, but got thrown against a wall due to the tremendous impact. It was hard to see near the spot the globe hit the ground. When Rodney, who fell along with the globe and Yoshi, saw Eva , he squeaked, making Eva notice him. The fitness buff wanted to shoot the prodigy, but didn't have her gun. As she was searching for it, Rodney finally gathered up the courage to shoot his opponent down. He then saw Yoshi regaining consciousness and went to take him down as well. Yoshi couldn't do anything and urged Rodney to take him down. The captain of the populars almost did, too, but before he could, he felt someone ready to shoot him from behind. It turned out to be Izzy, who had fooled everyone by feigning death. She shot Rodney down with ease. This meant that the nerds had won, with two members left in the end, and Chef was quite happy to announce it.

Chris, however, didn't want to declare the nerds the winners, pointing out that they had been cheating. There was a big amount of complaining after this. Noah convinced Chris that the cheating had been fair. The host finally gave up and let the nerds have immunity, as well as keeping their paintball guns. He also gave Chef the hundred dollars they had bet on. He made one final snide remark, and got shot three times by Harold, Joel and Yoshi. Chef went on with insulting the popular team, especially Sandra. He wanted to make her and Duncan clean dishes and prepare food, but couldn't find the delinquent, settling on making Sandra do all of the work.

After brushing off, Chris announced that the immunity winners for the populars' team would be determined not by challenge, but by a person, specifically by Rodney. The prodigy received a console to pick which nine people he would grant safety to. He was afraid the people he didn't pick would be mad at him, but made his choices fairly quickly. Chris shuffled his picks, then read them out loud. Rodney's picks for immunity were: Anita, Xander, Bridgette, Sebastian, Geoff, Crystal, Courtney, Lindsay and Heather. Some of his picks hugged him, others just looked grateful. Nobody could believe that Rodney had picked Heather, but the prodigy explained he didn't want Ezekiel to worry. This meant the ones, who could be voted for, were: Tyler, DJ, Howard, Justin, Valerie, Daisy, Jasmine, Trent, Zachary, Leshawna and Arthur. Jasmine over-dramatized things again, and Tyler couldn't stand it anymore. He told the actress, point-blank, that she was a complete failure in that challenge, which Jasmine couldn't take. She started arguing with Tyler. This soon escalated as none of the losers didn't want to hear them arguing.

The winners, however, were rather enjoying themselves, as Katie and Sadie wanted to cook dinner instead of Chef. Hannah and Joel were chatting, with Mandy sitting next to them. She noticed weird looks being cast at her, and Colin made a remark about her possibly liking Hannah, that many believed because Mandy wasn't attracted to Justin before. In return, the cultist threatened Colin, after which he left. Alfred was helping Yoshi with his wound. He asked Yoshi about Daisy, at which the warrior blushed, claiming not to like her. Alfred then asked if Yoshi would mind him having a go. The warrior said that he had nothing against it, and that he had just came to win, which Alfred said he had already proved.

Owen was having trouble with winning Izzy back, and tried to apologize to her. Izzy wanted him to also apologize to Ezekiel, who had been sitting next to her. Owen said to have already done that, and that the prairie boy had advised him to apologize to her, too. Izzy then decided to forgive her boyfriend. Ezekiel smiled at this, passing by, and sat next to Heather, offering her ice cream. She was still trying to figure out why Rodney had saved her, but accepted it anyway. Geoff and Bridgette were making out, with Geoff starting to talk about the future and their possible marriage to Xander, who happened to be walking past. Bridgette became uncomfortable about this.

Later in the day, the crowd was cheering for their favorite contestants seated on the platform in the chairs. The losers were sitting separate from the others. Most of them looked nervous, but not Trent, who was quietly humming songs to himself. Chris explained the trophy system to all of them again, which, as Belinda revealed, was just to annoy them. The safe contestants were given their trophies, that had a paintball gun icon on them. The rest were left even more worried than before, besides Trent, who didn't show it. He didn't have any reason to be nervous, as he got the first trophy out of the losers. The following went to Leshawna, DJ, Howard, Daisy, Justin, Valerie and Arthur. This time Chris decided to just say the name of the person who wouldn't get a trophy, although he did build tension, waiting to call the name out. As it turned out, Jasmine had been voted off, with Tyler and Zachary getting their trophies. The actress couldn't help but over-dramatize her elimination, annoying most of the contestants, as well as the host, who were all suddenly very much expecting the bus to arrive faster. It did, finally, and Duncan didn't take a long time figuring out Jasmine had been voted out. It did take a long time to get her on the bus. The actress immediately clung to Sandra, meaning to discuss getting voted out so early with her. Howard wanted to say goodbye to her, but couldn't really get on the bus. Instead, he settled for yelling to Jasmine through the window, telling her that he'd love to see one of her plays. Jasmine felt touched by this, and wished Howard the best of luck at courting Belinda.

Joel was rather happy Jasmine's pictures were gone, as they made up about one-third of all the pictures in the room. He noticed only he and Katie were in their room wanted to know where Justin had gone. As it turned out, he had been helping Beth with the welts on her face Zachary had caused. Beth really appreciated it and warned Justin not to take revenge on Zachary like he had vowed. They were flirting slightly, which Carol enjoyed watching. Clive, however, didn't exactly like it, reminding them Bridgette might also not like the flirting. He then saw that Bridgette wasn't even in their room.

The surfer had been sitting in the cafeteria, drinking tea. She was worried about her and Geoff's relationship. Ezekiel entered the cafeteria, noticed that she was concerned about something, and sat down to talk to her. When she asked if he should be in his room, he replied that Geoff had tried to get all of his roommates out of there, though it hadn't worked. Ezekiel then asked Bridgette about whatever was worrying her. She explained to him that Geoff had talked about marriage, and how she didn't think they were ready to be discussing such a step in their relationship. The two continued talking about it. Unbeknownst to them, Heather was right outside of the cafeteria. She heard parts of their conversation, then walked off in a huff. She was thinking about the possibility of Ezekiel cheating on her, until Crystal appeared to assure the former queen bee otherwise. The romantic reminded her that both Ezekiel and Bridgette were too moral to do something like that, and that they were just friends. She also pointed out that everyone has to talk to someone about their relationship. No matter how much Heather complained, Crystal insisted on Ezekiel and Bridgette as just friends and nothing more. She convinced Heather to accept Bridgette as one of Ezekiel's friends, but the former queen bee didn't exactly like the idea of accepting Izzy as well.


Tyler - Jasmine

DJ - Zachary

Howard - Arthur

Justin - Zachary

Valerie - Tyler

Daisy - Jasmine

Jasmine - Tyler

Trent - Jasmine

Zachary - Tyler

Leshawna - Zachary

Arthur - Jasmine


Jasmine - 4

Zachary - 3

Tyler - 3

Arthur - 1

Elimination TableEdit

Contestants Total Elims. Victims
Alfred 1 Geoff.
Anita 2 Owen, Sadie.
Arthur 2 Carol, Katie.
Carol 1 Leshawna.
Chris Maclean 1 Joel.
Cody 1 Trent.
Daisy 1 Hannah.
Eva 5 Anita, Arthur, Daisy, Tyler, Xander.
Harold 1 Lindsay.
Heather 1 Clive.
Howard 2 Gwen, Sakaki.
Izzy 3 Courtney, Howard, Jasmine.
Jasmine 3 Alfred, Harold, Mandy.
Joel 1 Chris Maclean.
Lindsay 2 Colin, Noah.
Mandy 1 Justin.
Owen 1 Ezekiel.
Rodney 1 Eva.
Sakaki 1 Bridgette.
Sebastian 1 Belinda.
Yoshi 8 DJ, Heather, Rodney, Sandra, Sebastian, Valerie, Zachary, Crystal.
Zachary 1 Beth.


  • Yoshi - "I want you all to feel the fire in your hearts, the bloodlust on your mind! I want nineteen warriors by my side in this paintball war, and I want..." *heavy sigh* "I want some of you to stop hiding behind others from me."
  • Yoshi - "I don't care if you're Christian, Jewish, cultist, atheist, or if you worship some guy whose name is Greg. I want you three to get along and shoot those heathens."
  • Harold - "As someone who has mastered the art of romantic talk, I can tell what types of girls like to be told what. Leshawna loves to hear how big her booty looks in dresses, Gwen would love it if you said she looked like ivory, and Izzy would probably appreciate you saying she was especially eccentric today."
  • Tyler - *looking down at his feet* "Man, that stuff I stepped in isn't coming off my feet that well. I wonder what the hell it was?"
  • Courtney - "I am rather irked that I was the first to be eliminated in this challenge. Why does Chris have to get some crazy hose-beasts into this game like those three? What's wrong with sensible girls like me?"
  • Mandy - "May Hastur curse you with plagues! May Yig feast on your flesh! May Nyarlathotep... do whatever it is he does, I'm not quite sure, but I hope it hurts!"
  • Hannah - *patiently* "God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to... oh man, I cannot stand it, that stunk!"
  • Jasmine - "Eat paint, you glasses-wearing freak! That's from 'Spearshake', you know!"
  • Zachary - "Yoshi was freaking nuts! He continued to chase me after he blew away DJ! Man, I cannot stand that freak; I really wish we weren't roommates, or I'd torch the place. He sleeps on my side too."
  • Zachary - *running away from Yoshi* "Stop chasing me, you singing swordsman freak!"
    Yoshi - *shout-siging while shooting paintballs at Zachary* "Every broken enemy will know, that their opponent had to be invincible!"
  • Chef - "Well done, team! Now, popular kids, you all lost! You stand there with paint on your face, you big disgrace, somebody just put you all into your place!"
  • DJ - "Zachary's not cool. I don't like cruelty, at all, and he's very cruel. And whiny. My mom would pelt him with a cabbage if she heard him speak."

Confessional Catch PhrasesEdit

  1. To clean up after breakfast
  2. Me, maybe?
  3. Depressing, maybe?
  4. She did it, maybe?
  5. Fowl play, maybe? X2
  6. Sugar booger, maybe?
  7. Smile, maybe?
  8. Voodoo, maybe?
  9. Morning fuss, maybe?
  10. Clean your room, maybe?
  11. Nosebleed, maybe?
  12. Major rip-off, maybe?
  13. Lack of compassion, maybe?
  14. Sign of protest, maybe?
  15. Anger issues, maybe?
  16. Pressure, maybe?
  17. Dangerous, maybe?
  18. Awkward, maybe? ... No, no it is.
  19. Unfair, maybe?
  20. Enough, maybe?
  21. Those are paintballs, actually, not caps.
  22. When Animals Attack... Other Animals.
  23. Nerds 2, Pops 0.
  24. Not for the actresses.
  25. Friendly fire casualties.
  26. Snugs, not guns?
  27. Lost? Sounds bad.
  28. What did he say, eh?
  29. What a meanie!
  30. Running away, eh?
  31. Where both nerd and pop confess.
  32. He got Ow'ned!
  33. I care too!
  34. I can see you!
  35. Rampage!
  36. Why couldn't she confess in here?
  37. This is such male humor. *slaps Kobold*
  38. We think she's cute.
  39. No one gets lost in here.
  40. All's fair in love and war, or something like that.
  41. Uh oh, Izzy's on the prowl!
  42. How indeed.
  43. That was mean.
  44. The British go down!
  45. The revolving world!
  46. Where all the great leaders ponder.
  47. No one picked us again. Sigh.
  48. Where do you report that too?
  49. Lesolc S'rotinag.
  50. Total Drama Jasmine, eh?
  51. Seems like an ezzy proposition to me.

Goofs Edit

  • Although Chef was called to help with the presentation before the actual challenge as well as Joel, he didn't exactly do anything. This makes you wonder what the point even was of calling Chef to the front.
  • It says that Izzy kept firing at Jasmine until her gun clicked empty, but in the next scene that mentions her, she and Crystal are firing shots at each other, meaning her gun still could shoot.
    • Although, it is possible she reloaded it, as she reloaded her gun while she was taking down Rodney.
  • When Sandra was talking to Arthur, she made it clear that she could see Eva sneaking up on him. However, in the next scene, it says that Eva spun around and started firing. It isn't possible for someone who's following someone else to spin around and start shooting them.
  • Rodney had his own helmet over his paintball one when he saw Sandra helping his team. However, when he fell down from the roof on the rolling globe and hit the ground, it said his paintball helmet was on top of his own army helmet.
  • Chef wanted to punish Sandra for sneaking in, so he made it her job to wash the dishes and prepare dinner, but when it shows the winners eating, there is no mention of Sandra in the kitchen, and Katie and Sadie seemed to be the ones fixing dinner.
    • However, later that day when the Bus of Losers came to pick Jasmine up, Sandra was wet from washing dishes

Trivia Edit

  • Sandra, who was eliminated first, made an appearance during this episode, and interfered with the game, as did Duncan, who had been voted off in the episode before this one.
  • The concept of popular people versus "freaks and geeks" was originally used in episode 2 of Total Drama Comeback.
  • The chapter titles are based off of the special enemies Snake fought in Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as four drawings Drago-Flame did of four TDI girls as the enemies (Laughing Octopus = Izzy, Raging Raven = Eva, Crying Wolf = Courtney, Screaming Mantis = Heather).
  • This challenge was supposed to be a VR challenge, but got substituted at the last moment with a paintball war.
  • Yoshi was the one to oust the most of his enemies, 8 in total. He is followed by Eva, with 5, then a tie - Izzy and Jasmine, with 3 each.
    • This makes Yoshi the most productive shooter for the geeks and Jasmine for the populars.
      • Ironically, Jasmine was later voted off, despite ousting the most nerds on her team.
  • The only person to oust a fellow teammate was Owen.
  • Chris Maclean shot Joel down, despite not even competing.
  • Joel and Yoshi ousted Chris and Sandra, respectively, despite them not even participating in the war.
  • The way Chris' giant Atlas statue fell is probably a reference to the phrase "Achilles' heel", although Atlas and Achilles are two totally different myths.
  • Chef makes a Queen reference when he insults the populars, changing some of the lyrics of their song "We Will Rock You".
  • Interestingly, none of the contestants who voted for Zachary, the racist, were white, as Leshawna is African-Canadian, DJ is Jamaican, and Justin was a test tube baby.



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