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Maclean Stadium is where Total Drama Battlegrounds takes place.


A huge arena that charges the same price of admission as a movie theater, people are invited to watch the live performances of the contestants. Whether it is the trophy ceremonies where all the drama happens, live-action contests, or watching the giant screens of the virtual reality machine, there is always something special to watch.

Maclean Stadium was named after the host of the show, since he is so photogenic.

The stadium contains many rooms for living and sleeping, shower rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, and several janitor's closets. During the construction of the arena, the irony is that they forgot to make a confessional area, and thus Chef Hatchet had the idea to use one of the janitor closets.

The arena itself has many features, including a great deal of platforms that can be raised or lowered. The main platform is where the trophy ceremonies take place, with a table containing all the many trophies that the contestants are hoping to receive if they want to stay in the game.



  • There are several statues of Chris Maclean on the top of the stadium, some of them now broken.
  • Maclean Stadium is mentioned as an idea during Kobold's other story, TDWT: Reducks Redux, by Sierra.
  • Due to bad planning, even though the Stadium is specifically built for Total Drama, it doesn't have a built-in confessional, so the janitor's closet is used.
  • A running gag throughout the series is the "Janitor's Closet Decorations To Date", which gives a detailed description of what can be found in the janitor's closet at that time.
  • Some of the spare rooms are used for, shall we say... private moments between couples. (This is still PG-13, people, don't read too much into it!)
  • Due to eliminations, contestants have moved into different rooms due to space.
  • Dawn has her own room, while Billy lives near the stadium in his own place.
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