In Total Drama Battlegrounds, the contestants have to compete in several virtual reality challenges on Joel's VR machine Vera. All scenarios are designed by him, with hundreds of variations and twists to ensure no one, not even him, can know what they'll be facing.

Zombie ApocalypseEdit

Main Goal: Get to the rescue point alive. Launch a flare to signal the rescuers and survive the zombies until they arrive. Get on the escape vehicle and take off to survive.

Teams: The Dawn and The Dusk. (Sorted by alphabet. Named after the famous zombie movies.)


The Dawn:

Destination: Roof of Maclean Hospital.

Rescuer: Helicopter.

Teammates: Arthur and Courtney, Ezekiel and Heather, DJ and Eva, Geoff and Colin, Crystal and Anita, Harold and Gwen, Bridgette and Cody, Alfred and Hannah, Clive and Belinda, Beth and Carol.

Survivors: Ezekiel, DJ, Anita, Gwen, Bridgette, Cody, Alfred, and Belinda.


The Dusk:

Destination: Hatchet Docks.

Rescuer: Boat.

Teammates: Katie and Noah, Sadie and Yoshi, Tyler and Lindsay, Izzy and Owen, Xander and Mandy, Joel and Howard, Justin and Zachary, Sebastian and Sakaki, Leshawna and Rodney, Valerie and Trent.

Survivors: Noah, Sadie, Tyler, Xander, Mandy, and Rodney.


Winning Team: The Dawn.

Vampire CastleEdit

Main Goal: Locate and defeat Dracula (a Twilight Vampire) inside his castle. Teams: The Hunters and the Slayers. (Sorted by number of vowels in name (2 for Hunters, anything else for Slayers. Named after famous titles of vampire killers.)


The Hunters:

Teammates: (Team 1) Hannah, Tyler, Joel, Colin. (Team 2) Izzy, Mandy, Alfred. (Team 3) Eva, Cody, Howard. (Team 4) Arthur, Clive, Carol. (Team 5) Geoff, Justin, Noah. (Team 6) Harold, Xander, Crystal.

Dracula's Killer: Harold, using holy yo-yos.

Survivors: Harold, Mandy, Joel.


The Slayers:

Teammates: (Team 1) Gwen, Leshawna, Anita. (Team 2) Heather, Ezekiel, Courtney. (Team 3) Sadie, Katie, Zachary. (Team 4) Yoshi, Rodney, Bridgette. (Team 5) Sebastian, Sakaki, Lindsay. (Team 6) Valerie, DJ, Belinda, Beth.

Dracula's Killer: Gwen, using the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Survivors: Gwen, Leshawna, Anita, Rodney, Belinda, Katie.


Winning Team: The Slayers.

Alien on a SpaceshipEdit

Main Goal: Either kill every alien on the ship, or escape and blow it up.

Teams: The Troopers and The Predators. (Sorted number of letters. Named after the famous alien movies.)


The Troopers:

Led by: Chef Hatchet.

Teammates: Mandy, DJ, and Noah, Carol, Tyler, and Sadie, Eva, Izzy, and Beth, Yoshi, Clive, and Cody, Anita, Geoff, and Katie, Gwen, Joel, and Colin.

Survivors: Clive, Yoshi, Colin, Gwen.


The Predators:

Leader: Groucho the Duck.

Teammates: Leshawna, Rodney, and Zachary, Valerie, Ezekiel, and Harold, Sebastian, Sakaki, and Alfred, Arthur, Belinda, and Bridgette, Courtney, Crystal, and Lindsay, Heather, Justin, and Xander.

Survivors: Alfred, Belinda, Harold, Lindsay, Heather.


Winning Team: The Predators.

Giant Monster Edit

Main Goal: Either kill the monster, or escape the city, or get the monster to leave.

Teams: Panicky Mob and Hysteric Crowd. (Sorted by hairstyle and/or headgear. Named after .)


Panicky Mob:

Led by: Izzy.

Teammates: (Team 1) Anita, Eva, and Cody. (Team 2) Harold, LeShawna, and Bridgette. (Team 3) Zachary, Sadie, and Crystal. (Team 4) Heather, Justin, and Xander. (Team 5) Izzy, Courtney, and Sakaki. (Team 6) Belinda and Noah.

Survivors: Izzy, Sakaki, Leshawna, Xander, Crystal, Belinda, Noah.


Hysteric Crowd:

Leader: Arthur.

Teammates: (Team 1) Mandy, Alfred, and Sebastian. (Team 2) Geoff, Colin, and Valerie. (Team 3) Beth, Carol, and Lindsay. (Team 4) Tyler, Rodney, and DJ. (Team 5) Arthur, Yoshi, and Clive. (Team 6) Ezekiel and Gwen.

Survivors: Carol, Colin, Gwen, Rodney, Tyler.


Winning Team: Panicky Mob.


Main Goal: Find the GPA (Gem of Power Amplification).

Teams: Heroes and Villains. (Sorted by evil and heroic personalities. Named after the two main kinds of superhumans.)


Participant Alias Powers
Chris(Leader) The Greatest Hero and M an Ever! Super strength, laser eyes, frost breath, flight.
Cody Techno-Wizard Mechanical suit with gadgets, magic abilities.
Anita Bombshell Babe Explosives, guns, cannons, and missiles.
Bridgette Dolphin Woman Aquatic powers, control of marine life, flight, part dolphin form.
Rodney Soldier Kid Weapons and skills of special forces, unlimited ammo.
Leshawna Lightning Lancer Electric powers, speed, summoned lances.
DJ The Pacifist Cannot attack, makes opponents not want to hurt him.
Alfred Zombie Survivalist Various weapons, shivs, guns, and explosives.
Valerie Pink Politician Energy projection, magic flight, lights.
Sebastian Dreadlock Kick Incredible martial arts, indestructible hair.
Sakaki Scaredy Cat Speed, agility, long extendable claws.
Tyler Super Sporto Athletic perfection, summoned sports equipment.
Lindsay The Head Cheerleader Agility, restoration, and strength.
Xander Darkcycle Summonable motorcycle, strength, guns and chains.
Crystal The Matchmaker Energy projection, magic flight, emotional control.
Harold Uber-Nerd All the nerdy powers and weapons one could ask for.
Belinda Starvoyant Psionic, magic flight.


Participant Alias Powers
Chef Hatchet (Leader) Chef Hatchet Giant cooking tools, evil food, and fire magic.
Mandy Cultist Chick Shadow and fire magic, summoning.
Colin The Hurter Magic of "pain" and numbness, weapons of pain, strength.
Noah Evil Overlord Wicked genius, many minions, psionic.
Izzy Explosivo All kinds of explosions, guns, and martial arts.
Heather Eviserator Shredding claws, fire breath, speed, cunning.
Ezekiel Dark Arrow Marksmanship, hunting skills, hunting gear.
Geoff Party Bash Noise, lights, distractions, explosions, disco ball bash.
Carol Bad Cop Strength, guns, SWAT and cop gear.
Yoshi The Soulless Blade Swordsman, magic, abilities of varying power.
Gwen Grim Reapette Shadow and death powers, giant scythe, magic flight.
Zachary Hot Metal Gangsta Summonable chains and guns, strength, fire powers.
Sadie The Lemur Speed, agility, powerful tail, and an annoying song.
Eva Ant Woman Incredible strength, speed, tunneling and bashing skills.
Clive Doom 'n Gloom Shadow powers, emotional depression aura.
Courtney The Human Cricket Agility, noise, martial arts, detection.
Arthur Raptor Long claws, regeneration, speed, feral savagery.


Heroes - Cody, Bridgette, Alfred, Valerie, Sebastian, Harold, Belinda, and DJ.

Villains - Colin, Geoff, Arthur, Eva, Zachary, Courtney, and Gwen.


Winning Team:

The Heroes.

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