The contestants compete in several racing challenges during Total Drama Battlegrounds.

Race OneEdit

Held on Day Two, during Car Race.

  • Goal: A two-day race. The teams must head to Gloomy Gultch, and spend the night there. First five teams there get to sleep in the motel. The rest must sleep in their cars. The next day, they must race back to the stadium.
  • Vehicles Used: A hybrid, a six-seater, a small bus, a monster truck, a race car, a semi, a jeep, a hummer, and a bright pink Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Teams: 1 through 9.
  • Winner: Team 4, Racecar.

Race TwoEdit

Held on Day Four, during Plane Race.

  • Goal: First, the contestants must go through an obstacle course, after all the members on the team finish, they have to get their car (first finished, best car, so on). They race to the airport and after the plane ride, get back in their car. The first ones back to the stadium wins.
  • Vehicles Used: Cars (doesn't go into specifics about what kind), and planes.
  • Teams: 1 through 9.
  • Winner: All but 3 and 5.

Race ThreeEdit

Held on Day Six, during Train Race.

  • Goal: Whoever entertains Chris and Chef Hatchet the most on a train ride wins.
  • Vehicles Used: Trains.
  • Teams: 1 through 7.
  • Winners: Teams 3, 7, 1, 5, and 6.

Race FourEdit

Held on Day Eight, during Boat Race.

  • Goal: The more you entertain the fans (with fanservice), watching on the computer in chatrooms, the faster your boat goes, thus the faster you get back to the grounds.
  • Vehicles Used: Boats.
  • Teams: 1 through 7.
  • Winner: Team 2 (won a cruise).

Race FiveEdit

Held on Day Ten, during MMORPG Race.

  • Goal: The teams have to play "Prism of War," and the first team to beat all the bosses wins.
  • Vehicles Used: Their characters in the game.
  • Teams: 1 through 7.
  • Winner: Team 1.

Race SixEdit

Held on Day 12, during Blimp Race.

  • Goal: Teams have to complete tasks, on blimps, to get clues to figure out a mystery murder.
  • Vehicles Used: Blimps, named Dirigible, Zepplin, Blimp, Airship, Balloon, and Floaty Thingy.
  • Teams: 1 through 6.
  • Winner: Team 6.

Race SevenEdit

Held on Day 14, during RV Race.

  • Goal: A road trip race lasting a week, encompassing several stops along the way.
  • Vehicles Used: RVs.
  • Teams: 1 through 6.
  • Winner: Unknown as of yet.