All of the characters of TD have a last name, just some have been announced sooner rather than later. Via suggestions, jokes, and real names from the show, they are as follows.

Cast and Crew

Total Drama Veterans

Total Drama Rookies


  • Chico's name was chosen through a poll, and said name comes the raccoon in Disney's Pocahantas.
  • Alfred's last name, Dennotin, is an anagram of "Nintendo."
  • Arthur's last name, Bladeline, is a twist on Miles Edgeworth's last name.
  • Belinda's last name, Cami, is an anagram of "iMac."
  • Daisy's last name, Robin, is based off of Nico Robin from One Piece.
  • Hannah's last name, Wintersnow, is a shout-out to Winter-Rae, TKN's friend and Shipping Admiral.
  • Joel's full name, Joel Savage, is a shout-out to Joel Robinson of MST3K and Adam Savage of Mythbusters (both brilliant inventors).