This article describes the interactions between Izzy and Owen.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

The two were separated at the very start, as Owen was voted off first. They still had a lot of time together for a while afterwards, as he came back to be an intern. Owen also had a dream of Izzy being naked except for big donuts covering her body. The season ended on a note of Owen shoving Izzy at danger and running like he did in TDI, and also Izzy telling Ezekiel that if she and him were single, she would go after him.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

The relationship was rocky at the start, what with Owen's lack of manners leading to grossing her out and accidentally hurting her friends. Eventually, Owen and Izzy break up in Zombie VR, and then Owen was eliminated from the game.


  • Noah - "Nature programs showing animals being eaten alive, or mating, or regurgitating the animal they ate then swallowing it again... they don't come near the disgustingness that is Owen and Izzy flirting."


  • The pairing name for Owen and Izzy is Ozzy.
  • Izzy and Owen broke up in canon TDWT too.
    • Izzy and Owen are so far the only of the six original TDI canon couples to break up.
  • This is the only pairing formed by two winners of Total Drama.
  • Owen has a habit of pushing his girlfriend in front of danger, whether it be zombies or fake psycho killers.
    • Interestingly enough, Izzy stopped an actual psycho killer in Total Drama Comeback.


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