This article describes the interaction and friendship between Izzy and Mandy.
Izzy Mandy Alfred

Izzy and Mandy! Yay!

Total Drama ComebackEdit

When Courtney made a comment about Mandy's sanity, Izzy, who is considered to be insane by the majority of the cast, says that "she looks alright."

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Izzy and Mandy were chosen by Chris to compete against each other as part of the first challenge in Rookies vs Veterans. At first, it seemed that they were destined for an aggressive rivalry between each other, as the two were staring each other down fiercely; however, after being insulted by Chris, they completed the challenge (of staying in a pit full of ferocious animals) together. After defeating all the animals, they declared each other good friends.

As their friendship carried on, they both dealt with the rumors that Mandy faced, as well as their own secret troubles. Izzy was kind of a referee in Mandy's personal life, trying to keep peace between her and others, including the redhead's friends (i.e. Carol.)

Izzy and Mandy were both interested in Alfred, making out with him (and each other) when describing fan service to the viewing audience. Izzy let go of the chance to date him so her new friend could do so. Izzy has been around to comfort Mandy when she is down, proving both girls can still be emotional and sensitive despite all the crazy quirks.


  • Mandy - "Let me know when, mortal friend. Remember that the Old Gods will crush life on the planet any day now, might as well live each moment while you can."
    Izzy - "Very well, Mandy! Wanna go out?"
    Mandy - "Look, I'm having enough problems proving I'm not gay; if I start dating you, people are going to think the wrong thing."
    Izzy - "But it'll feel so right."
  • Noah - "It's like someone cloned Izzy, removed the color in her hair, and made her slightly more sadistic. Those two deserve matching straight jackets, with BFF on the back: Biggest Freaks Forever."


  • The shipping name for this is Mizzy.
  • Both girls are known for being the craziest and weirdest contestants on the show.
  • Both have unique hair, eyes, clothing style, and carry a lot of weapons and other gizmos around with them.
  • Rumors about their sexuality are very persistent (Izzy may be bisexual, Mandy a lesbian).
  • Both really like Alfred. It is unknown if Mandy likes Ezekiel too, who is Izzy's best friend aside from the cultist girl herself.
  • Both of them have a more sensitive side deep down, just that Mandy's shows up more often than not.


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