This article describes the interactions and relationship between Hannah and Joel.

Joel Hannah

Joel and Hannah together.


In Rookies vs. Veterans, the two show little interest in each other, mostly due to Hannah arriving first, and Joel arriving last.

However, in Car Race, towards the end of the chapter, Joel and Hannah begin a conversation before heading to their rooms, thus beginning the first hints of a relationship. Belinda also implied she knew Joel was interested in someone else.

As the two spent more time together, Joel became fiercely defensive of her, from the abuse she was taking from some of the others, especially Colin who keeps making false claims to get her in trouble.

During Plane Race, Joel showed he had a vengeful side when it came to people who mistreated the good-hearted Hannah. He asked Colin to step outside on the plane (which almost resulted in the bully falling out of the plane), and hacked into airport security's database, adding the names of all of the staff to the danger list and having them turn on each other aggressively.

Joel and Hannah continued to talk throughout the show, and grew closer over time. Eventually, Hannah was voted off when The Mystery Villain tricked people into thinking she had grown too aggressive for kicking someone (Colin (he deserved it)). Joel was infuriated, but she was able to quell his rage, as well as the others upset. When Joel was voted off, it was due to the producer's choice, wanting to get rid of Hannah, who was visiting the stadium to see him. Because of this, Joel has refused to fix anything for Chris and the show anymore.


  • The pairing name for the two is Joannah.
  • Both have been eliminated, thus ending their relationship coverage on the show. For now, they're only shown on the Bus of Losers show.
  • This was a couple TKN had in mind since the beginning of TDBG, but didn't spoil it like he did for a couple others.


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