This article focuses on the interactions between Gwen and Tyler.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Gwen and Tyler rarely talked, except for Wawanakwa Strikers, where Tyler was a team captain and recruited Gwen on his team. She wasn't sure she liked Tyler, but managed to get along with him well enough.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Ever since the contest has started, Gwen has been in a foul mood. Tyler has noticed this, and has repeatedly tried to have her talk to him, and talk about what is bothering her. He feels that since he went through some hard family times, he can help her.

So far, he has not been successful in getting Gwen to talk to him.

During the second aftermath, Alejandro hinted that Gwen and Tyler were becoming really close. However this was just to upset Trent, who knew better than to distrust Gwen so quickly.


  • The pairing name for these two is Gwyler.
  • Some people have speculated that Tyler and Gwen will become step-siblings when their respective parents marry each other, mirroring Trent and Bridgette becoming step-siblings.
  • This is one of TKN and Winter-Rae's favorite fanon couple.
  • They have both killed Colin in a VR challenge. Gwen shot him in the Zombie VR, and Tyler killed him (accidentally) with Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
  • They both currently have single parents, and younger siblings.
  • As of now, they are one of the few interactions that doesn't fall into a subcategory yet (friends, relations, enemies).


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