Gwen and Heather did not like each other in the beginning, and they probably never will.

This article describes the conflict between Gwen and Heather.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

While not explored as much as it was in the previous season, Gwen and Heather are still at each others' throats most of the time. Gwen wanted Heather to go, and always tried to have her eliminated, which infuriated her when Leshawna was voted off instead. Heather was also on her case, persistently calling her "Weird Goth Girl," and aiming to upset her, namely by helping Courtney vote off Trent, and framing Cody of doing the same.

When Gwen found the photo of Heather when she was younger and uglier, she had been delighted at what she could do with it, but Bridgette pleaded with her not to say or do anything about the photo. She agreed, but only for Bridgette's sake.

Gwen was against Ezekiel and Heather, one of the strongest to believe that he couldn't be interested in her until she saw him kissing her with her own eyes. She voted for Heather in the episode the queen bee was eliminated in. Ironically, Gwen was eliminated in the following episode.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

If anything, Gwen and Heather's conflict has bubbled to the boiling point in this season. Gwen is still against Ezekiel and Heather, and believes that Ezekiel should ask someone else out, and soon. This has caused her to be somewhat abrasive towards Ezekiel, especially since she has started off this season in a pretty bad mood; it conflicts since they are roommates, and currently the only ones in the room.

Heather, becoming a better person as she dates Ezekiel, has been cutting back on the insults, and not calling her Weird Goth Girl as often. Still, it has been on the edge, as Trent was voted off again this season, and Gwen blamed Heather immediately; she denied it, but she was lying as she had voted for Trent when put under pressure by The Mystery Villain.


  • The pairing name, a classic rivalry shipping, is Gweather.
  • They both have little brothers. Gwen gets along with hers, Heather doesn't.
  • Both wear a lot of make-up but for different reasons and with different kinds.


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