Giant Monster VR
Season 2, Episode 11
First Published (date Part 1 was published)
Challenge(s) Escape the City, Kill the monster, or get the monster to leave.
Reward(s) None, just immunity.
Winner(s) Team Panicky Mob
Eliminated Beth
Episode Guide
"Blimp Race"

It's time for another VR challenge! After dealing with zombies and vampires, the contestants will have to deal with something far worse... and much bigger.


Act 1 - Not Quite Monster CashEdit

The episode starts with Harold creating a theme song for himself. Hours later, Harold is sitting in the cafeteria.

Act 2 - Monsters Bigger Than Chris' Ego! ...BarelyEdit

Act 3 - One Last Stomp On The RoadEdit


Arthur - Beth

Beth - Clive

Clive - Beth

Ezekiel - Clive

Geoff - Beth

Lindsay - Ezekiel

Mandy - Geoff

Valerie - Beth

Yoshi - Clive

Beth - 4

Clive - 3

Ezekiel - 1

Geoff - 1


  • Heather - "Any ideas on how to kill that [centipede]?"
    Xander - "Napalm, bazookas, pesticide spray, and maybe a really big meerkat."
  • Noah- "If widdle Chrissy-Wissy keeps on talking that way, big bad Noahie is gonna kick in all his teeth, wight down his thwoat." After Chris makes fun of Noah for yelling at Rodney 


  • Before the episode began, Kobold published the results of a poll asking which contestant would you want to see win TDBG. The results were:
    1. Noah
    2. Clive
    3. Ezekiel
    4. Sakaki
    5. Lindsay
    6. Harold
    7. (Tied) Heather, Belinda and Yoshi
    8. Rodney
    • This poll revealed that Clive is the most popular out of the Rookies.
  • Katie sneaks back into the competition thanks to the help of Izzy.
  • Since Izzy was originally somewhere else (at the second Bus of Losers special), Chris was close to disqualifying her from the contest.
  • This chapter marks the end of the one sided Noah-Rodney feud.
  • It features random animals as giant monsters (platypus, centipede, etc.,) which is a parody of all the giant creature movies made way back when.


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