TDC2 Sandra

The one everyone hates.

This article describes the interactions between Everyone and Sandra.


In the first episode, Sandra was telling everyone to vote off the gonzo due to him being "dead weight" to their team. However, due to Sandra's attitude, the roles were reversed, and Sandra was kicked off first.


Sandra has called the bombshell a slut, which caused many people to vote Sandra off first. Anita herself dismissed what she said, as she has been called stuff like that before but has learned to ignore it as best she can.


From the start, Daisy did not like Sandra, and went after her during the discussion of who to vote off. When the voting confessionals were aired for the first challenge, Daisy was quite heated in her dislike for Sandra (see Quotes below).


Even though Howard was quite obsessed with the girls on the show and really wanted to get to know all of them better, he found himself not liking Sandra. Realizing Alfred as a potential wingman, and joining in with the others on sensibly voting off Sandra, he stood out from his stereotype to do the right thing.

Katie and SadieEdit

Both girls share the same opinion of Sandra, that while she is crass and unlikeable, she still had power as they expected Alfred to be voted off.


Owen doesn't hate her, but she hates him for trying to flirt with her and being gross.


During the Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball Challenge, Rodney was assigned leader of the popular kids team. During the match, it was revealed Sandra had sneaked back to cheat and beat the nerds, but when Rodney found out and discovered where she was, he tried to put a stop to it. He even shot at her with his paintball gun, leaving a mark on the wall behind her.


At the climax of the Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball Challenge, Yoshi was enraged that the popular team was cheating, and he eventually found Sandra, the cause of it, in the announcer's booth. He unleashed a barrage of paintballs on her, leaving her covered in paints and welts.


  • Daisy - "I didn't come here to be bossed around by some skinny-ass, gum-snapping, rumor-spreading, hot pants-wearing, Paris Hilton-wannabe! I'm voting for Sandra!"


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