Finders Creepers (2)

This page is to describe Dawn's room, and who live there besides herself. This page is currently for TKN to edit, as it is something not yet explored in the story (though this hasn't stopped others from making the occasional edit).


Dawn, as a student-intern, has a room of her own. She has dressed it up with her belongings, including a small fountain, peace lilies, dream catchers, and incense candles.

Currently residing in her room is Groucho the Duck, who has a little bed for himself there (he does not keep his guns in there, he knows Dawn does not approve of such things). The duck is usually fed by the animal-loving moon child. Geoff has also moved in after Colin beat up Cody and refused to stay in the same room as Colin.

It is expected more animals to move into Dawn's room, as her animal magnetism is tremendous.


  • Dawn's room is a short distance from the contestants, which is why they never knew she was there until RV Race.
  • This is the second room to house an animal (Groucho).
  • Unlike the contestants, Dawn has been allowed to dress up her room however she wants, because she doesn't have any roommates to argue about such things.
  • While mostly untouched in the show (so far), Dawn's Room is just a little something for TDC Wikia readers to enjoy.


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