Gender Female.
Hair color Blonde.
Eye color Blue.
Teams None.
Roommates Groucho the Duck.
Relationship None.
Family Parents, unknown # of siblings.
Friends Bridgette, Alfred, Sebastian, all animals.
Enemies None yet.
Fear Unknown.
Talent Meditation, tarot card and tea leaves readings, animal taming.
Nicknames Moon Child, Other Intern.

Dawn is a student-intern, the Moon Child, at the Maclean Stadium. She takes care of issues such as setting up challenges, but is a little too flighty to be very good at it.


Dawn appeared when Billy was on break during RV Race. She was supposed to prepare some vehicles with explosives, but never got around to it as it proved to be difficult and dangerous. She instead meditated, as she did with new friends among the contestants in the Janitor's Closet. Chris Maclean was really frustrated with her.

Due to losing their celebrity guests, Chris put Dawn on the first team in the RV Race, and she charmed her team with her sweet, though still a little odd, behavior. Sakaki grew jealous and sad that Sebastian and her had so much to relate on and talk about.

Love InterestsEdit

While Dawn is relatively new and hasn't interacted with the contestants until RV Race, she has started on good terms with most of them, especially Sebastian. As she and him believe in auras, the human spirit, and other things, they are happy to talk to each other.


  • Dawn is an intern for Maclean Stadium, but she doesn't seem to do much work, due to most of it being dangerous.
  • Dawn loves animals and nature, can read tea leaves and tarot cards.
  • She has incredibly poor athletic skills, but decent flexibility.
  • Dawn's room also accommodates Groucho the Duck, who she made a bed and place to stay for him. She has also prepared a place for Chico the Raccoon, but he is still in Room 10.
  • Outside of TDC/B (in the TD canon universe), Dawn is the first of the Revenge of the Island contestants to make an appearance.


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