This article focuses on the interactions between Daisy and Yoshi.
Yoshi Daisy

Daisy and Yoshi together.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

When Daisy first saw Yoshi, she commented on how handsome his weapon was, then how handsome he was. This came off as a shock to Yoshi, who seem flabbergasted when she hit on him later that day, and during the end of the Car Race challenge. By the fourth challenge, Yoshi was determined to stay focused on the game, but he kept finding himself distracted by her.

Alfred and Daisy would flirt and joke around, as if to encourage Yoshi to pursue her. The warrior insisted that he stay focused on the game, until Daisy seriously injured herself during Plane Race, and he had to carry her several miles to get to a hospital. After the challenge was over, Yoshi revealed that he wanted Daisy in the game still, and not just because she was a strong competitor. Unfortunately, he couldn't convince enough people to vote for other contestants, and she was voted off.

Throughout the game so far, Yoshi's thoughts and confessionals have drifted back to Daisy, and has seen her several times. Due to all this, the warrior may still be a heavy competitor, but he also realizes the importance of relationships, and saved Mandy from a possible vote off for his friend Alfred.


  • The pairing name for these two is either Daishi or Yaisy.
  • TKN insists that it was purely accidental that two characters with the same name as characters from the Mario Bros. series were paired up.(A lot of fans doubt this though.)
  • Daisy and Yoshi are two of the most aggressive but still mature and sensible characters in the series (compared to wild and unstable Mandy, i.e.).


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