Gwen and Courtney

This page is to lay out the conflict between Courtney and Gwen.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Though the two barely interacted, both had low opinions of the other. Gwen said that she thought Courtney was a "goody two-shoes," and Courtney claimed Gwen wasn't a team player.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

During Animals Crossing, Courtney was openly complaining about being on the same team as Harold, and it got to the point where Gwen shouted at her, demanding she shut up. Gwen's lashing out at her made Courtney furious, and then took revenge by having Trent voted off the show.

When Courtney's plot was revealed, Gwen was very bitter towards her and Duncan, but she didn't have the steam in her to pick a fight, as she felt guilty over the way she treated Cody because of Heather's treachery.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

The conflict did not start until after Trent was voted off again, and Gwen was in a sour mood. She started talking to Duncan (who had been voted off but would sneak back in many times), and despite what happened in TDC, the two started to form a friendship. This instantly sparked an intense dislike in Courtney, and she tried to keep Gwen away from Duncan in fear of losing her slightly-estranged boyfriend to the goth girl. She even shoved Gwen off her seat to ensure she stay away from Duncan.

Though she is innocent in that she is just friends with Duncan, Gwen took Courtney's temper, combined it with her own upset mood, and started to lash right back at the CIT. In one particular case, during the Boat Race challenge, Courtney's team was starting to speed ahead and the CIT mocked Gwen for losing. Gwen was so desperate to win, she seized her (and Courtney's) friend Bridgette and kissed her full on the lips. This was easily enough for Gwen's team to race by Courtney's team and win the fan service powered challenge.

It has only escalated, and Courtney and Gwen are still going at each other's throats. Who can calm this down, if possible, is unknown.


  • While the feud really did start in TDC, TDBG had it amplified, because at the same time, Gwen and Duncan were having an affair on TDWT.
  • This feud is mostly fueled by Courtney's belief that Duncan and Gwen are having an affair because of their friendship, and returned with as much anger due to Gwen's negative mood due to what is privately bothering her.
  • This feud was what caused the second, much more popularized kiss between Gwen and Bridgette.


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