This article describes the interactions between Courtney and Duncan.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Courtney and Duncan's relationship began during TDI. They were not into each other at first, since they are polar opposites. However, as they spent more time together, Duncan became more attracted to Courtney, while Courtney, at first insisting that she would never be attracted to someone like him, eventually started falling for him during Basic Straining. This is the first time the relationship between the two fully blossomed. However, it would quickly be torn apart, since Harold tampered with the votes to get the ex-CIT eliminated in order to hurt Duncan.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Courtney and Duncan interacted a lot, mostly by arguing, like in Nerds vs. Populars, but they didn't act couple-y. The lack of romantic interaction bugged Duncan, who was jealous of all of the other couples being lovey-dovey in public. Courtney still showed some signs of liking the delinquent throughout the season, even though she continously denied it. The two, along with Heather, formed an alliance to get revenge on Harold for fixing the ballots against Courtney in the previous season. They eliminated many of Harold's friends and allies, even going as far as eliminating his love interest. However, towards the middle of the show, the alliance split up, after their victim had a life threatening experience caused by the ring leader. Courtney felt bad about it, and apologized to Harold afterwards.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

In Total Drama Battlegrounds, Duncan was eliminated second out of forty-four, obviously giving the two little time to spend time with each other. However, Duncan, who is the driver of the Bus of Losers, shows up at the award ceremonies to spend time with Courtney.

Duncan has also befriended Gwen, which has caused Courtney to be rather upset and jealous of how much the two can relate to. She has taken to trying to attack Gwen any time she can in challenges, but still manages to keep herself a little civil in that she won't throw challenges or such. Duncan doesn't seem to have much say in this feud, he seems to enjoy it more so.

Duncan briefly returned to the show during RV Race, and Chris decided to put him on Courtney's team.


  • Their pairing name is DunCourt as well as Duncney.
  • This is one of the most famous canon couple, other than Gwen and Trent.
  • TKN has promised not to do DunGwen; however, he hasn't made clear what's in store for Duncan and Courtney.