This article focuses on the conflict between Colin and Hannah.


Hannah has had to deal with Colin's unnecessary cruelty the most. When Colin realized that the producers were going to let him give her a hard time, he exploited this by claiming she was being preachy, demeaning, and shoving her beliefs on him. Though none of it was true, the producers sided with Colin and made things difficult; he would add rude comments over each of his victories.

This all came to a climax when Hannah overheard him threatening Rodney in unspeakable manners. She at first just wanted to stop him, but frustration and the desire to protect the kid led her to kick him across the face.

She was eliminated at the following ceremony, much to the surprise of everyone. People still aren't sure how Colin survived that elimination, but it has made his standing as a bully solid in most eyes. Most everyone supported Hannah, even those that weren't sure if she was a religious nut or not.


  • The drama really picked up in this chapter in episode 4.
  • This conflict has caused the most drama outside of the story among fans as well.


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