This page is about the major conflict that goes on between Colin and Crystal.


During the Rookies vs. Veteransday, things started off bad when he slapped her butt. It got worst during Crystal's challenge when she had to hug Colin, then he squeezed her breast. She later vowed not to pair him up with anyone. On several occasions, Colin has molested Crystal. He tries to dismiss it as harmless fun, regardless of how upset she gets. She cheered loudly when Duncan beat him the first day, and learned from Sebastian exactly how to do the neck pinch to knock him out. In the RV Race, Colin insulted her and groped her, to which she kicked him in the gonads and promised that he'd be "brown bread" if he did it again.


  • The pairing name (though many agree it'd never happen) is Crysolin.
  • Crystal knows martial arts, but has held back due to her training being in self-defense.


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