This article describes the interactions between Bridgette and Geoff.
Geoff and Bridgette

Geoff and Bridgette making out

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Bridgette and Geoff could not spend too much time with each other due to Geoff's early elimination, but when they had the chance to see each other, they would make out non-stop.

When Bridgette won TDC along with Izzy, Geoff promised her that he'll throw the biggest party ever in her honor.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Geoff and Bridgette's relationship started to strain at the beginning of TDBG, when she announced that her mom and Trent's dad were going to marry. Although it seemed there were no problems at first, Geoff's eager announcement that he and Bridgette would be married one day caused her to be uneasy. She was willing to work around this, but then Trent really came into the picture.

Geoff grew extremely jealous of Trent since the musician spent much more time with Bridgette than him, met her mother and even knew more things about Bridgette, some of which Geoff wasn't even right (like her favorite color). This made Geoff to accept the mysterious villain's request to vote off Trent; however, later Geoff regretted his decision, and felt each time more and more guilty. This made him avoid Bridgette as well as his friends, causing them to worry about him.

Currently, everyone involved with Geoff and/or Bridgette is trying to get him to come out of hiding and explain what is bothering him. Harold is the most insistent of them all, but unfortunately, Bridgette is worried about being involved with the nerd because of how guilty she feels over her alleged affect on his and Leshawna's relationship.

The two are on rocky ground, and only time will tell what will happen.


  • The name for this pairing is Gidgette.
  • When TDC first began, Kobold Necromancer planned on breaking up Geoff and Bridgette to pair her up with Ezekiel; however, due to being unaware of fanon at the time of writing, he felt it wouldn't be so accepted since canon was so dominant.
  • He hasn't said yet if Bridgette and Geoff are going to break up, but has implied that the relationship will get worse before anything is resolved.


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