This article focuses on the interactions between Bridgette and Chico the Raccoon.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

In the final challenge of TDC, Bridgette was to run through a forest alone, her ultimate fear. As she was trying to avoid traps left by Chris, and a bear, she saw a raccoon caught in a snare trap. Despite being in a race for ten thousand dollars, Bridgette helped the creature out immediately; however, this ended up with her falling out of a tree and hurting herself, dropping her flag as well.

The raccoon found the flag first, and just when she thought he would run away with it, he gave it back to her. In a confessional, he admitted he wanted to keep it, but was smitten by the human girl.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Chico the Raccoon, now known by the cast, was brought in as a guest star in the Blimp Race. He helped his team win, enjoying himself quite a bit too, while Bridgette dealt with a scheming Alejandro, a feuding Valerie and Heather, and her increasingly complex friendship with Harold.

When the challenge was over and Chico's team won first place, they all could pick who they want for their date on a blimp ride. Chico picked Bridgette, as he was still smitten by the girl who saved him in TDC. He sung "Bella Notte" for her, until Chris demanded he stop. Bridgette accepted the invitation from Chico, as it was harmless enough and Geoff wasn't around.

He sang her "Bella Notte" again during the blimp ride. After the ride, he told his roommates (who were surprised that he was actually their roommate) that the date went just fine.


  • Chico the Raccoon - "i wantd 2 keep flag as suveneer, but... i iz a sucker 4 blonds, 2 b honst... so purdy." *pauses then adds* "wht? u kno how hard it iz 2 find blond racoon grl?"
  • Chico - "o theez iz teh ny-iiiiiight, eez ah beeyuteefull ny-iiiiiight!
    'An we callz eet bella naughtte!
    Luk at teh skyze, dey haz starz een deir eyezzzz!
    'On dis wuvwee bella naughtteeeeee!
    Syde bah syde wid ur wuved wun-


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