TDCR! Total Drama Comeback Reviewed! Is a story written by The Blue Griffin on about Ezekiel and Duncan reading Total Drama Comeback.


The story opens with Ezekiel finding DJ's laptop and looking himself up to see if he was famous yet. Seeing mainly references to his Biblical namesake, he limits his search to "Ezekiel of total drama island." The results include several fan fictions, and after looking up "total drama island fan fictions", and discovers that there is over 3,000 stories, much to his astonishment. Duncan wakes up, and Zeke explains what he's doing, peaking the punk's interest. The two begin examining the stories, and eventually find one titled Total Drama Comeback.

They begin discussing each chapter, each line corresponding to a single chapter.

Later Chris wakes up the campers by launching Owen at the cabins from a catapult. The two readers show the story to the others, DJ and Chris like it, while Heather calls it "a waste of ink." Cody tells Ezekiel to look for a sequel, to which the prairie boy types in "Total Drama Comeback Two". The author then ends the story there, saying "Now this one, my friends, is another story reviewed by characters in another story."


  • The story technically counts as a review of the entire story.
  • The "characters in another story" line are a possible reference to the original characters of Battlegrounds.
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